Saturday 2 March 2013

Magic Door - The Rules

So what is Through the Magic Door? It’s a way to use your ongoing characters, from your Campaigns, in new time periods, as a time traveler. So let’s go over some basics that are found in most of the rules that you can use. Here we go!

The Magic Door - Give it a try.

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  1. Gee, ED. Is this like the D-Day game I ran at a WinterCon at Oakland University in 1978 or 79? The Germans had two squads of infantry guarding two Marder III SP guns in a French town, and the Allies had landed that morning.
    A glowing half circle appeared on the wall of one of the buildings just down the street and as the slack-jawed Germans watched a Knight in Golden Armor, an archer, and a Viking Duck came out of the "gate" and ran for their lives across the street. Behind them came a Triceritops with Lizard Warriors riding the houda (???) on the back and several other medieval warriors....

    Like that?

    Have to send you the Star Wars Time Warp game I have somewhere.

    Mike Reese