Saturday 16 March 2013

Vehicles in After the Horsemen? Machinas!

As some of you may have heard there's a THW Kickstarter in the works called Machinas - Death in the Wastelands . It's a PA road racing game with organized races and festivals (?!) etc.

But there's a dirty side to Machinas. Rules for traveling the Wasteland taking whatever you can, whenever you can. Think Mad Max. Think Road Warrior. Think After the Horsemen.

For those of you not familiar with ATH it's our Post-Apocalypse game. No zombies or aliens but much more dangerous threats, fellow survivors. Set in a future where gas is rare and vehicles even rarer the survivors are divided into two types, Wolves and Sheep. Think predator and prey. The Wolves are further divided into Pack Wolves, gangs of merciless survivors willing to do what it takes to get ahead and Lone Wolves, hard cases that prefer to be alone.

This is an AAR using Machinas in an After the Horsemen setting. I'm going to break this into smaller parts as it will be heavy into game mechanics as well as story telling. 

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