Tuesday 31 July 2018

ATZ Evolution Mock Ups

Artwork in and samples coming soon. Zombies, humans, battle boards and more.

Three survivors run into five zeds on the street. There will be 12 Battle Boards included and twenty card stock counters. 
Look for the release next month.

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Here's a Kickstarter I could get behind!

Three things!
1 - Made for solo play with options for two player and cooperative play.
2 - Great components.
3 - I know the guy and he's fulfilled multiple Kickstarters on time. Not a small thing!

Take a look

Coming to a Kick Starter Near You

New card and dice games.

Get one, some or all sixteen games. Watch for more info in the next few weeks.

Saturday 14 July 2018

Kelly's Heroes for NUTS

There's been some interest on TMP so here's the NUTS version of the classic movie, Kelly's Heroes. By the incomparable John Paul "Italy After Normandy" Bakshoian.

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Shooting - Evolution versus Final Fade Out

One of the ten Battle Boards for ATZ - Evolution.

Shooting in Final Fade Out

1 - Roll 1d6 for each Target Rating (shot) and add to Rep.
2 - Look at Ranged Combat Table.
3 - 4 possible results – 7 modifiers to get there.
4 - If miss, target takes Received Fire Test to see what target does – Duck Back, return Fire, Carry On.
5 – If hit roll for damage.
·        Obviously Dead.
·        Out of the Fight.
·        Knocked Down Could be Stunned, Out of the Fight or Obviously Dead.
Need to roll dice minimum of twice, maximum of four times.

Shooting in Evolution

1 – Roll 2d6 versus shooter Rep.
2 – Look at Shooting Table.
3 – 3 possible results – 5 modifiers to get there.
4 – If miss target returns fire or charges – no dice rolling needed.
5 – If hit roll for damage – Obviously Dead, Out of the Fight or Duck Back.
Need to roll dice minimum of once maximum of twice. Half the rolling giving similar or same results.

Difference is less rolling needed and no Received Fire Test needed. Auto  Return ir once, if miss and get shot at again, then you Duck Back.

Example  - Billy Pink and two Gangers square off. Billy wins on the Action Table and fires first. Roll 2d6 and pass 1d6. One Ganger is hit, the other missed. Roll for damage and he goes Out of the Fight. The other Ganger now Returns Fire and misses. Billy now fires back and misses again! The Ganger cannot return Fire as he's done it before and Ducks Back instead.

Saturday 7 July 2018

Evolution versus Final Fade Out

Part One

Evolution streamlines game mechanics while keeping the same results. Here's an example.

In Sight

When two groups come into sight of each other.

Final Fade Out

1 – Each figure rolls 1d6 per point of Rep looking for successes – score of 1, 2 or 3.
2 – Six modifiers to the number of d6 rolled.
3 – Figures act from most successes to least.   


1 – Roll 1d6 on the Action Table to see who has advantage. 50/50 chance unless specified by the scenario.
2 – Leaders roll 2d6 versus Rep. Want to be more detailed? Your choice, just roll for each figure.
3 – Pass more whole group acts first. If tied, the side with advantage goes first.

Reaction Tests

Final Fade Out vs. Evolution

Received Fire – Now built into the Shooting Table.
Man Down – Replaced with Will to Fight Test.
Recover From Knock Down – Built into the Shooting Damage Table.
Recover From Duck Back – Built into the Action Table.

Watch for Part Three.

Friday 6 July 2018

Everything Evolves - ATZ Evolution Coming Soon

All Things Zombie won the Origins Award for Best Miniatures Game in 2005. From then until now gamers have changed and All Things Zombie has evolved with them. It's been six years since an update. That ends soon.

Want a game where you run around the table and kill Zombies?

If you do, then All Things Zombie – Evolution is not for you.

Think of all the great and not so great Zombie movies and television series. Remember how many Zombies the hero killed? I’m betting you don’t, but I bet you remember how they interacted with other survivors and how they finally overcame the obstacles in their way. In short, you remember the Story.

And that’s what All Things Zombie – Evolution is all about, the Story; your Story.

Watch for more info later this month. Part Two

Thursday 5 July 2018

Talomir Tales - Character Creation and Recruiting Your Band

The nice thing about Talomir Tales, regardless of which Full book you get, they can be used with ALL of the current and future scenario books. Talomir Tales is all about the Story, your Story, so we've streamlined Character Creation to get you going with little work.

Character Creation
Only seven things are used to create the Character requiring only one 2d6 roll (Random Attribute), you choose the rest.

  • Star or a Grunt? Your personal Character is a Star.
  • Race? I'll take a Human.
  • Attribute? Stars can have 3;  one you choose, one rolled randomly from the 30 Random Attributes, and one for the Class.   I roll Swordsman (melee) and choose Smooth (interaction).
  • Alignment? I choose Neutral over Red Sun or Black Moon.
  • Reputation? Stars are Rep 5. I decide to use Skills too. People Skill is 5, Savvy will be 4 - based off of Rep.
  • Class? Nine to choose from, I'll take Thief. Gives me the Clever Attribute.
  • Armor Class? Three types, lowest AC 2, highest AC 6.
So -
Billy Pink (Human).
Rep 5 Star.
Clever, Swordsmen, and Smooth Attributes.
Neutral Thief.
AC 2.

Recruiting Your Band
Your Band can be as large as your Rep, including yourself. So when your Rep goes down you have to cut a member loose. When it goes up, you can recruit another.
You can't have Grunts with a Rep higher than yours and if theirs go up or yours goes down, they will leave.
You have to meet Grunts to recruit them and this is done by Interacting with them during an Encounter/Scenario.

Next - Interaction or Intimidation? Dealing with Grunts/Non-Player Characters

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