Tuesday 26 February 2019

5150 Fleet Commander Battle Report - Hishen versus the Gaea Prime Planetary Defense Force

“Captains; I expect you to do your jobs. Engage!”
Your Captains move their ships, fire missiles, launch fighters or torpedoes and preform damage control. That is not your job!
Your job is to decide where and when to engage the enemy, and more importantly, when to cut your losses and leave, while keeping the fleet in being.
In 5150: Fleet Commander, the rules are made to reflect your job. Command a Task Force or Fleet; not a few ships.
Be a Fleet Commander, not a Captain!
Played this 10 ship per side battle using Power Point and the counters that are provided. Playable with minis, counters or even on Power Point.

5150: Fleet Commander is compatible with 5150 Star Navy and uses the same ships with the specifications rolled together and mechanics streamlined allowing you to fight large battles in a reasonable amount of time. Designed to be played solo, cooperatively against the game or head to head.

Saturday 9 February 2019

Before FNG 2nd Tour there was ...

2006 - 13 years ago.
THW was just starting out and the Reaction Test was unheard of. 

2012- 7 years ago.
THW game mechanics changed and FNG changed with it.

2019 - Coming soon.
Gamers change and so do we. Play it with minis or play it with counters; just play the game!  
FNG Tour of Duty, updated and personal.

Coming soon, real soon...