Tuesday 23 September 2014

Tales of Dread - ATZ Scenario Book Coming Soon!

You’ve played All Things Zombie Final Fade Out. You’re used to Zeds; maybe you’ve faced Smarties, and even a Rager or two. But now get ready for something a little different. Special Zeds; newcomers to the game, and in new places you’ve never explored. Welcome to…

Tales of Dread

You're not afraid of Clowns, are you?
Check it out.

Monday 22 September 2014

Burning Down the Hall - A Captains and Kings AAR

It was a common practice for rival Viking Warlords to raid their opponents at night and attempt to burn down the Great Hall, symbol of the Warlord's power. Here's a battle using that scenario found in Captains and Kings.

What you know:
Before the battle all you know is the location of the Great Hall. That's it. You pick your force and enter the table. Once you have finished your first move the three PEFs - Possible Enemy Force markers - are placed at random.

You then roll for visibility versus the Rep of your Leader. The better the leader, the less the visibility, as this reflects his intelligence  in picking a good night to raid.

Once that is done, the game begins,

Visibility was rolled at the start and passing 1d6 meant the clouds would come and go during the game, affecting visibility. Unluckily the clouds passed and visibility to the PEF was pretty good. It was resolved as a Huscarl, and he sounded the alarm.

Once the alarm is sounded the occupants of the Great Hall are alerted and resolved like 3 PEFs, 1 per turn. The first resolution was pass 1d6 - nothing, but the next PEF would be resolved with 3d6, increasing the odds of something being contacted.

The next PEF was the Warlord and 7 Vikings. Rolling each up they were a combination of Huscarls and Freeman. The battle went in their favor as the raiding Freemen couldn't activate for three turns in a row. Luckily the raiding Huscarls passed three Reason to Fight Tests and hung around. After the Freemen joined the fight, the defenders were lost, the Warlord captured.

Lucky for the raiders the 3rd PEF was resolved as nothing.

Captains and Kings includes a set of  man to man combat rules as well as the unit sized combat. That's what I used in this battle, giving it a heroic feel to it. Now that the Warlord has secured his homeland it's time to go raiding.

Friday 19 September 2014

Snatch and Grab Part 6

Previously on Snatch and Grab

What are Billy, Ashlynn, and Elliot talking about? 


Office of the Spokesman

This information is current as of today, 800918 03:44:48 GPST-0600 (Gaea Prime Solar Time).
BOLO – Earthers
This Public Announcement informs GP Citizens, regardless of current location, of security concerns as it pertains to all GP space and informs them of the risks and penalties of any contact with the Heretics listed in this announcement.
Activity by members of the Cult designated as Earthers, (1) has been reported in the 2nd and 3rd Rings. Activity has been currently confined to the dissemination of misinformation by these Earthers but as seen in the past, this can quickly escalate into acts of violence.

Recently declassified as a threat, the Earthers appear to have stepped up its activities, especially in the 3rd Ring. It is feared that they are actively recruiting other misguided souls to support their heretical beliefs and acts.

In light of current circumstances, GP citizens are advised to be on the watch for suspicious activities and report such activities to the local authorities. If desired, GP Citizens, on non-GP controlled planets, can report directly to the local GP Embassy. You will be thanked and rewarded for your efforts. As always, any information provided will be held in strictest confidence. 

The GP Embassy is located at 372 Belmond Avenue in the Financial District of NHC.  The 24- hour com-link number is (2634) 4 –250593. In the event of an after-hours emergency, please call the above number and ask to be transferred to the duty officer.
Disclaimer – Associating with or failure to report Heretic members or activities is subject to the full Gaea Prime Justice System regardless of jurisdiction. 

Don’t jeopardize your Citizenship!

(1) Earthers are misguided people (usually Basics, although some Aliens have appeared to embrace this misguided movement) that believe that Gaea Prime can trace its roots directly back to the backwater planet known as Earth. Refusing to believe the Truth of Mother, these delusional souls isolate themselves from society in general, preferring the company of other Earthers.


The Security Bulletin counts as a Clue. That leaves 6 Clues left to solve and 8 Day Parts to do it in.

Pretty Cool And a Bottle of Rum Adventure.


Craig's taken Rum and applied it to the Flintlogue universe. Good story.

Monday 15 September 2014

What is Warrior Heroes - Warbands?

Warrior Heroes - Legends is about small bands of adventurers seeking Fame and Fortune above and below ground.

Rally Round the Kings chronicles large battles between armies that decide the fate of nations.
Enter Warrior Heroes - Warbands.

Warrior Heroes - Warbands is a complete stand-alone game of Warband fantasy combat. Warbands bridges the gap between Warrior Heroes – Legends and Rally Round the Kings. All three sets are compatible.

In Warrior Heroes – Warbands, players start as the Warlord or Captain of a unit and try to become King. The journey is long, with many twists and turns, but if you keep your eye on the prize, it is attainable. But before you can be King, you’ll have to start at the bottom. Not the very bottom, but close. 

Warbands is the High Fantasy companion to the soon to be released Captains and Kings, our Historical rules, set in the 9th to 13th Centuries. Watch for Warbands later this month.

Thursday 11 September 2014

Siege - Part 2 - Captains and Kings

The Normans had a Campaign Morale of 2 before the Siege began, the Fantasy Army - 3. This was based on the battles previously fought.

In Captains and Kings when a siege starts, both sides have a Siege Morale equal to their Campaign Morale. As there are up to 5 scenarios for a Siege, this morale can go down after each fight. When one side or the other reaches "0", the siege is over and the loser has their Campaign Morale drop by 1.

After the failed assault the Norman Siege Morale dropped to 1. The next lost would have them give up the siege. With this in mind, the Fantasy Army looked forward to the next battle. A raid on the Normans in hopes of burning down their siege equipment. The raid was planned for the next day...during the day.

The Normans got lucky. There was a 50/50 chance of it being a night raid but it was a day raid. A lack of visibility would have helped the Fantasy Army. Then rolling for Reinforcements so quickly in the game and the Normans getting 2 units was tough. Now the Fantasy Army had lost the element of surprise and numbers.

Rolling them up at random, the King and Foot Knights showing up sealed the deal. This was an important battle. With the Normans having all three siege weapons intact, if they can reach the 5th battle, they are guaranteed a 3" breach in the wall. 1" for each siege weapon.

Siege Morale can only go down and the Fantasy Army drops to 2. The Normans stay at 1, they can;t go up as a siege would be as hard on the attackers as the defenders. 

Next  battle - Mining!

Cover Art for Captains and Kings

With a nod to it's predecessor.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Siege! Captains and Kings Bat Rep

In Captains and Kings we provide siege rules that can be used as a one-off battle or within your Campaign. Although the scale of Captains and Kings limits the scope of sieges, because they were so common in this period, we’ve decided to add them.Instead of focusing on siege weapons, huge walls and castles, we've focused on the action of the units. Here's an example. step by step.

 The wall is divided into three sections. If you have less figures, just use less wall sections. Each section has a PEF on it that is revealed when the attackers hit the wall.

 Once the unit touches the wall the PEF is revealed. It is always a unit. Then any attacking missile units in range can fire in support. This is followed by the defenders firing and finally Flaming Oil. You use the PEF Resolution Table to see if they have oil. In this case none was available.
 The next attacker activation sees the ladders go up and the Ladders Up Charge into Melee Test is taken. This is different than the normal test. Next comes a round of melee. Each side loses a figure to start and the Ladders Up Melee Combat Table is used. It's a bit different with the big change being the number of figures involved is not counted. This is due to the narrow frontage of attack when using the ladders.

 When you do have Flaming Oil it has a chance to kill figures and causes a Reaction Test.

 Activation dice are still used. Units on the walls can be split to join other units. Like Muskets and Mohawks, when a round of melee starts, each side loses a figure. But Captains and Kings has a new rule - Last Man Standing. He must be killed in combat or forced to rout. He cannot be auto-killed when each side loses a figure at the start.
 Once the wall has been reached, melee is carried out normally and the number of figures in each unit is counted.

 We've also added a Reason to Fight rule that can cause units to break off the battle.

We use Campaign Morale as in Star Army and other rules. What is different is Siege Morale. A Siege consists of five Battles that takes the same amount of time as one Campaign Battle. Each side starts with Siege Morale equal to their current Campaign Morale. After each Battle during the Siege the Morale of the loser goes down. When it hits zero, he has lost the Siege, and his Campaign Morale drops by 1.

Since the Assault failed the next Battle is Raiding the Besiegers.