Tuesday, 8 August 2023

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 Store back up! Instant download the PDF and PDF included with print copies.

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Wednesday, 26 July 2023

5150 Universe Map - Who Be Where?

The map has Alien and Gaea Prime territory in colors, the rest are Basics (Humans) although Basics could be found in Alien space. 
Here's first appearance of the Capalan League, in Ring 4. 

Open the map in a new tab and you can enlarge it for easier eading.

1st Appearance of Billy Pink

Sunday, 21 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep -Where Is She? Part 2

 Part One

Billy found the girl he was hired to Escort. She was working as a Hostess at a restaurant in Middleton. Now he has to bring her back to the Mover. I roll to see where he will be.  Private Office in the Pub & Rec Area. I roll 1/2d6 to see how many PEFs to resolve and score a 1. I roll 1d6 to see if it's a Confrontation and score a 4. Nope. Just a "normal" PEF to resolve. I score a 10 - Criminal Element. Uh, oh. I roll 1/2d6 and score a 1. Only one NPC. I roll on the Usual Suspects for the Pub & Rec Area to see what kind of Criminal I meet and bam! It's an Escort. Yep, I roll to see if Billy met them before, except when you're escorting it's the NPC being escorted that checks and... yep, she met her before, and they are friends! 

Well, Lella and Billy now go to the Office and the Mover is there. Job done; Billy gets paid 5 Increasing Rep d6. Added to the 3 he already has; he ends the month with 8 Increasing Rep d6! But he has the following expenses for the month.

3 Band Members cost 3 Decreasing Rep d6.
Home in the Pub and Rec Area of NHC costs 2 Decreasing Rep d6.
Upkeep and Storage for 1 Trader Class spaceship costs 3 Decreasing Rep d6.

So that's 8 Increasing Rep d6 and 8 Decreasing Rep d6 for 0 Rep d6. Billy broke even!?

Since I've decided to play a Campaign from now on, Billy needs to cut some monthly expenses. Time to see what Jobs pay the most.

Friday, 19 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep - Where Is She? Part 1a

 Part 1

Played this one with minis on the Battle Board. Outside the restaurant and it's a Confrontation. Billy tries to Interact, but it goes badly and it's time for a fight. But what kind? I choose a Fist Fight.

Quick and easy and with Fast Eddie going Out of the Fight I figure it's time to do a Recovery Table. Here it is. 


2                                                  Recovery

                                                          (Taken versus Rep)
                                                 A score of “6” is always a failure.


Hard as Nails: Can re-roll 1 failed d6.

Fist Fight: If went Out of the Fight from Fist Fight roll 3d6 instead of 2d6.

Star: Roll 3d6 instead of 2d6

Zhuh-Zhuh: Count Rep at 1 point higher than actual.

#D6 Passed



I’m good! If Out of the Fight from Fist Fight, back to normal. If Out of the Fight from Shooting, count current Rep at 1 point lower for the rest of the Encounter/Mission. Recover back to normal Rep afterwards.


Going, going… Immediately re-take test counting pass 1d6 as pass 0d6.


Gone. Never heard from again.

 Billy is now at 3 Increasing Rep d6 for the month. 2 for taking out the 2 Bounty Hunters and a from Interacting with the hostess at the restaurant. 

Part 2

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep - Where Is She? Part 1

Been sidetracked with the 5150 Q&E Combat 2023 playtesting and now it's time to get back to Billy Pink. A Night on the Town Part 1 I'll do more "How I do it" to show a way that works really well for building Stories. 

Billy has an Escort Job from a Mover, but the Mover doesn't know exactly where she is at. I rolled up on the Area of New Hope City Table and she is in Middleton. I rolled up her Profession and she's a Criminal, Escort. I pulled her stats from 5150 Usual Suspects as it is easier to use pre-generated NPCs.

Billy must first go on a Find Encounter to find the NPC. I set up a Chillin' Encounter and populate the restaurant.

The circled numbers are for each group of NPCs, and I leave them blank as I don't know who they are. Makes it interesting.

After Billy and Fast Eddie enter the place, I roll for each group to see what they are. The colors tell me their Profession. I'm using Power Point, but I do the same with minis and markers. Who does Billy Interact with? That's easy. I roll 2d6 for each group to see if he has met them before. 2 - 8 = Nope, never met them. 9 or 10 = Yep and it was good. 11 or 12 = Yep and it was bad. But how do I find the girl? 

When you run into NPCs with the same Profession as the NPC you're looking for, it's them, or her in this case. Amazingly, it was the hostess that they met when they entered the restaurant!

Billy Interacts with her and sets up a private meeting with her. That's the good thing. The bad thing is there are two groups of NPCs he's met in the past, he has to Interact with. Unfortunately, all of them were bad so I need to Interact with them at a disadvantage. As it's a very public place in an upper-class area of NHC any "issues" will occur after they leave. The Xeog just says crappy stuff about Billy, nothing more as she is outnumbered by Bill and Fast Eddie.

The other group - Exotics - score a Confrontation. As mentioned, I'll play it after Billy leaves. I decide that they are also looking for the girl but not working for the Mover.

Part 1a

Thursday, 18 May 2023

5150 New Beginnings Bat Rep - Cops Are Called?

More tweaking of the 5150 Q&E Combat 2023 rules. Nothing major. Check out the 1st picture for an explanation. 

The slight tweaks work great. With the Shaken able to fire there's no stopping the play with firing between the two figures not being resolved. Now ends the turn with one winning, no carry over. The not facing came up because I set up the figures and realized there should be some sort of penalty for not facing the enemy. In this case, the Ganger was surrounded so he rolled 2d6 versus the guys to his front and counted an automatic zero to the guys to his rear. If he survives the first shots he rolls on the Stay or Go Table and can return fire as long as he doesn't Run For It.

I'm liking the rules and will play more but won't post all the games. BTW - These will work for military THW rules...NUTS, Star Army. etc.