Saturday 28 November 2015

5150 Fringe Space AAR - Elysium Part 4

Part 3 
One of the cool things about Fringe Space is you can choose to continue the story when your part is done. Once your characters leave an Encounter you can continue on with the NPCs you meet. Here's an example -
Billy has finished negotiating a Hauling Passengers Job with an Alien Shaker and its Xeog body guard. The Alien has some things to attend to while Billy and Ashlynn decide to "see the sites" in Elysium and meet the Alien at the Spaceport in the morning. From there they can head back to New Hope City where Billy has his ship. From there - well, Billy doesn't know yet, but the $$ is large enough to not worry about it. After Billy and Ashlynn leave the alley I continue the story from the NPC Alien's point of view. 
A PDF is resolved and ...

 Three Basics are resolved. Rolling for movement - the Xeog and Alien are moving when they contact. This means they do not count as in Cover.
 The Xeog wins the In Sight and fires at all three targets. If she did not, those that weren't fired at could fire at the Alien.
Once the winner of the In Sight has fired, they are considered to be in cover.

This took one turn and once the assassins left the tabletop I rolled for Police arrival. Being a high Law Level area they would arrive on the next turn. Luckily the Alien and its body guard had disappeared by then.
What had I learned? Someone wanted the Alien dead.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Elysium - Part Three - 5150 AAR for Urban Renewal and Fringe Space

Part Two

With Fringe Space almost finished I've been cranking up the games using the rules. I'm also using an upcoming set of City Tiles. While the City Deck used for 5150 gives you individual buildings and more, the City Tiles allows you to slap together large urban areas in a matter of minutes. They work well together.

There are nine tiles in a set, double sided to provide you with 18 tiles with different color coded buildings. The codes change for the 9 different Areas of New Hope City so what may be a Grocery Store in the Financial Area may be a No-Tell Motel at the Spaceport. All together we're talking over 600 possible buildings.

Here's all 9 tiles set up for Elysium - the private resort area outside of NHC. Putting the tiles together gives you Intersections, Streets, Alleys, and Buildings to adventure in and around.
You can us as little or as many of them as you want and can arrange them in different ways, always keeping your urban areas fresh.
Here's an example of how to use them. Billy and Ashlynn are to meet a Contact in an Alley. 

Billy and Ashlynn successfully find the Contact and business is conducted. Billy will be hired to perform a new Job found in 5150 Fringe Space - Hauling Passengers. This will require him traveling from New Hope to another Planet - rules that are in Fringe Space. After the deal is made Billy and Ashlynn leave. But I decide to continue the game from the NPC point of view.
Watch for Part 4 coming soon!

Thursday 19 November 2015

Rebel Minis Kickstarter - Red Ops Asylum

Rebel Minis has launched a great little Kickstarter that is a stand alone game, but seeing how I did the rules, can be used with other THW games. The minis are awesome. Take a look, this one is reasonably priced as well.

More info

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Win or Go Home! Stock Car Racing at Millennium Con!

Brian Weathersby has come up with a pretty good stock car racing game playable with any models, paper counters, or Hot Wheels, which is what we used. Brian ran three races and all finished within 2 hours - what a coincidence.

 We had 3 - 6 players each race and most were newbies. After a few turns everyone caught on to how it plays and could concentrate on strategy.

 Using the Pack around the Track rules from Charioteer, everyone was involved in every turn.

Look for more in the next couple of months.

Monday 16 November 2015

News from Millennium Con - Larger Than Life x 2

Well,  Millennium Con is over and we had a couple of interesting games. There were two Larger Than Life games that show the versatility of the THW system. I ran the first one. It started in an alley in New York City and ended up in a temple in a jungle far, far away. What it a bit different is the way the table was set up.

Here's the table that worked for all the areas. There was a 2'x2' temple/dungeon at one end and a jungle clearing with a waterfall at the other. To the left is the alley in New York. On the right side is a 1 foot vinyl square where the figures were placed when a fight happened in the temple. I played it that each area of the table was like a scene in a movie. If you were in one small area of the table, those in the other areas - even adjacent - weren't involved.

 The players were divided into two teams with a twist. I used some pewter dungeon coins from Acheson Creations from the 2 Hour Dungeon Crawl rules. Each player started with 3 coins - all Bronze. Eliminate an enemy and gain 1 coin. Beat an enemy with a higher rep and gain 3, kill the Big Bad and gain 5. Use Star Power and you loss a coin.
 When each team resolved a PEF the other team players played the NPC enemy.
 NPCs included Germans, ghouls, mummies, and much more.

The player with the most coins at the end won a free copy of Larger Than Life. It did result in all the players backstabbing each other, but there was a clear winner.

Mike Miller ran LTL in a different style having all the action happen a fantastic table. There was a castle and the laboratory below. Take a look.
 Here's what the game was about.

Michael V. Miller, "Larger Than Life" Pulp Adventure rules, 4 hrs, Table BL4, 6 players, Newcomers.
British Commandos & French Partisans team up to rescue hostages, secure vital info & destroy a Nazi scientist's lab hidden in a castle's dungeon in Occupied France!
What evil lurks beneath the Chateau de Corbeau? A WWWII scenario using Graven Image 40mm miniatures.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Scenario Books and Supplements

What would you like to see in the way of Supplements and Scenario books? With most of the rules updated, it's time to expand them with inexpensive supplements and scenario books. Vote today for your 3 favorites.

Vote today!

Monday 2 November 2015

5150 Fringe Space - What is it?

5150 Fringe Space. What's is it?

5150 Fringe Space is about living life on the edge. Sometimes that means salvaging space wrecks, hunting space pirates, or hauling cargo and passengers from one world to the next. But it also means carousing in a city, rescuing crewmembers from Alien abductors, and fistfights in a low end bar. 5150 Fringe Space is a RPG Lite game that can also be played as a man to man or ship to ship combat game. Inside you’ll find:

A variety of Classes, Attributes, Professions, and Alien Races to make your characters unique.
Man to man combat rules for when you’re on a planet.
Ship to ship combat rules for when you’re out in Space.
Rules for character improvement that rewards you when you succeed and brings you down when you don’t.
Light bookkeeping Campaign and Economic systems that enhance the game instead of bogging it down.
Color paper character and space ship counters.
And much more…
5150 Fringe Space is designed to be played solo or same side against the game mechanics, but also works just as well when played head to head against your friends.
Playable with any figures you may already have or just with the color paper counters we’ve included. Play it any way you want, just play it!

Welcome to life on the edge. Welcome to…
5150 Fringe Space.

5150 Fringe Space is a stand-alone game that is compatible with 5150 Urban Renewal.