Monday, 16 November 2015

News from Millennium Con - Larger Than Life x 2

Well,  Millennium Con is over and we had a couple of interesting games. There were two Larger Than Life games that show the versatility of the THW system. I ran the first one. It started in an alley in New York City and ended up in a temple in a jungle far, far away. What it a bit different is the way the table was set up.

Here's the table that worked for all the areas. There was a 2'x2' temple/dungeon at one end and a jungle clearing with a waterfall at the other. To the left is the alley in New York. On the right side is a 1 foot vinyl square where the figures were placed when a fight happened in the temple. I played it that each area of the table was like a scene in a movie. If you were in one small area of the table, those in the other areas - even adjacent - weren't involved.

 The players were divided into two teams with a twist. I used some pewter dungeon coins from Acheson Creations from the 2 Hour Dungeon Crawl rules. Each player started with 3 coins - all Bronze. Eliminate an enemy and gain 1 coin. Beat an enemy with a higher rep and gain 3, kill the Big Bad and gain 5. Use Star Power and you loss a coin.
 When each team resolved a PEF the other team players played the NPC enemy.
 NPCs included Germans, ghouls, mummies, and much more.

The player with the most coins at the end won a free copy of Larger Than Life. It did result in all the players backstabbing each other, but there was a clear winner.

Mike Miller ran LTL in a different style having all the action happen a fantastic table. There was a castle and the laboratory below. Take a look.
 Here's what the game was about.

Michael V. Miller, "Larger Than Life" Pulp Adventure rules, 4 hrs, Table BL4, 6 players, Newcomers.
British Commandos & French Partisans team up to rescue hostages, secure vital info & destroy a Nazi scientist's lab hidden in a castle's dungeon in Occupied France!
What evil lurks beneath the Chateau de Corbeau? A WWWII scenario using Graven Image 40mm miniatures.


  1. That looks like it would have been a lot of fun to play. Great scenery too.

  2. Very nice, all round - fun gaming!