Wednesday 25 November 2015

Elysium - Part Three - 5150 AAR for Urban Renewal and Fringe Space

Part Two

With Fringe Space almost finished I've been cranking up the games using the rules. I'm also using an upcoming set of City Tiles. While the City Deck used for 5150 gives you individual buildings and more, the City Tiles allows you to slap together large urban areas in a matter of minutes. They work well together.

There are nine tiles in a set, double sided to provide you with 18 tiles with different color coded buildings. The codes change for the 9 different Areas of New Hope City so what may be a Grocery Store in the Financial Area may be a No-Tell Motel at the Spaceport. All together we're talking over 600 possible buildings.

Here's all 9 tiles set up for Elysium - the private resort area outside of NHC. Putting the tiles together gives you Intersections, Streets, Alleys, and Buildings to adventure in and around.
You can us as little or as many of them as you want and can arrange them in different ways, always keeping your urban areas fresh.
Here's an example of how to use them. Billy and Ashlynn are to meet a Contact in an Alley. 

Billy and Ashlynn successfully find the Contact and business is conducted. Billy will be hired to perform a new Job found in 5150 Fringe Space - Hauling Passengers. This will require him traveling from New Hope to another Planet - rules that are in Fringe Space. After the deal is made Billy and Ashlynn leave. But I decide to continue the game from the NPC point of view.
Watch for Part 4 coming soon!

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