Monday 7 October 2013

ATZ Chronicles

All Things Zombie has one core rule book and four supplements totaling 420+ pages of Zombie gaming. This can cause some confusion when first looking at getting in to the game so we decided to provide some answers.
We’ve provided a bit of detail on each book and the ATZ Timeline for them.

At the end we’ve provided the Table of Contents of each to see what each offers.

Mad Max or Car Wars?

I run into gamers that say they want car rules for ATH, 

"You know like Mad Max, where I can build and arm my car to blow up the other guy."

But that's flies in the face of Mad Max and Road Warrior where destroying the enemy car is the last thing you want to do . Destroy the car, no gas, and gas is king in the PA landscape.

So this begs the questions.

Car Wars or Mad Max?