Monday 7 October 2013

Mad Max or Car Wars?

I run into gamers that say they want car rules for ATH, 

"You know like Mad Max, where I can build and arm my car to blow up the other guy."

But that's flies in the face of Mad Max and Road Warrior where destroying the enemy car is the last thing you want to do . Destroy the car, no gas, and gas is king in the PA landscape.

So this begs the questions.

Car Wars or Mad Max?


  1. Funny! Gamers always think in the short term. They only need enough gas to finish the duel. 1-2 gallons at most. Wouldn't the Mad Max world make for an interesting campaign? Each player fighting for the essential fuel to keep fighting?

  2. Car war the best game for a group of gamers hours of fun and mayhem
    Peace James

  3. MAD MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "I am the Nightrider! I am the chosen one. The mighty hand of vengeance, sent down to strike the unroadworthy!"

    Seriously, the main reason I am not happy with all of the other car combat systems is because they can't work for Mad Max style game. Were are the passengers jumping from car to car? Mashing windshields with chains? Playing chicken? All of the other games are basically your typical tank battles but on four wheels. Give me Mad Max!!!!

  4. Even better, both! The ability to pick one or the other for different games would be best for me.

  5. I'd say both in the long run too.


  6. Mad Max for me !!!!

    I ask Ed if the rules where in the ATH's ones, but he replied to me it wasn't.

    I still get the ATH rules, but really waiting for at least the machinas rules.

  7. Mad Max is the more PA archtype. Car Wars is more of a decadent, dystopian entertainment.