Friday 22 April 2011

And the winner is...Fire In Korea!

Fire in Korea is now available just beating the release of Qwik - look for it Monday.
Mike Reese has put together a great supplement for the Korean War based on NUTS. The sweet thing is that many of the rules can be brought over to enhance your current NUTS games.

Check out the Table of Contents on the web page as well. Gives you a chance to peek inside to see what's all there.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Fire in Korea or Qwik - Game of the Wasteland

 Fire in Korea and Qwik are both nearing completion. Look for their release maybe this weekend or early next week.

Sunday 17 April 2011

NUTS! Weird War 2 Book Update

From John Cunningham, author os Clash of Titans and Stalingrad.

"Howdy all!
I've just finished the draft rules of the Superheroes & Sidekicks section of the
NUTS! Weird War 2 book. The Weird Science section with panzermechs, rayguns and
rocketeers is also done -- along with rules for real tech from the war like
night vision systems, the X-7 ATGM and more.

Next up is porting Hell on Earth into this book, with a few new treats like
ZX-Gas...aka Zed Gas...while more occult materials will wait for a follow-on
book. And of course, playtest, playtest, playtest!! Any serious volunteers,
please let me know. I'm hoping to get this to Ed for release this Summer.

This is a challenging book to write covering a lot of new ground and I hope it
can support some great gaming fun!

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Three for the Road

Korea is back with the author, Mike, and should be out later this month.

Charioteer, the companion to Red Sand Blue Sky, will be released this month as well.

And in cooperation with  Rod at Highlander Studios Qwik - Game of the Wasteland will be released early in May.

Look for a surprise release next month!

Friday 8 April 2011

Footy fever ...

Been playing nightly games of footy interspersed by an ongoing 6 player Gladiator campaign. Set up a Yahoo Group for people who play The Beautiful Game and other footy games which has swelled in membership pretty quick ... already had some good tactic discussions going:

Been painting up some figures for the game and also got some very nice 50mm figures to run BIG demo games with. Need to make a 8'x6' pitch up next !!!!


Monday 4 April 2011

What's going on.

This week is Korea week. Trying to get the manuscript back to Mike. Played a 5150 Book 2 Bat Rep. Should post it later this week.