Sunday 30 July 2017

Great Hall Burning Viking Kickstarter Ending - Stretch Goals unlocked!

Kickstarter Vikings

Only a few hours left and a great deal. Minis, terrain and more all in one box. 

Bye Bye Two Hour Wargames...well, not exactly.

Two Hour Wargames will also be known as THW Game Design. and here's why. We currently have and are making lots of games that are not "traditional wargames".  But being called a Wargames company makes it hard for these games to be found by potential gamers.

So in the near future you'll be seeing the THW Game Design logo, but don't worry. It's still us...  

Thursday 27 July 2017

Quarters - The Game of Quarter Horse Racing

Why a game on Quarter Horse Racing?
In no particular order:

  • It's a great family game playable with kids and newbies of both genders.
  • It's exciting and quick to play with a nice blend of luck and strategy.
  • It can be used to supplement your other RPG Lite games like Larger than Life or similar where your characters go to the races. You can even use the rules for 5150 substituting alien creatures for horses!
  • Great for a change of pace that can be picked up when you have 30 to 45 minutes to burn.
Here's a quick example of how the game works. Click the pics for easy reading.

Here's the track expanded to cover the whole race track for use with Larger Than Life, Mission St. Mary, 5150 or any of our other RPG Lite games.
Quarters - Coming soon.

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Fortunes Won and Lost AAR Part 6 - Morning Patrol Redux

Part 4

After the disastrous Morning Patrol, Sir Winston - just Winston back then - joined the Italian and French mercenaries on another Patrol Mission. Unknown to them, the Hill Tribesmen were heading south on a Raid. 

But that was the past. Watch for Part 7, coming soon!

Coming soon - Weird War Zed

Project Hölle auf Erden

It’s late in the war and things are not going well for Germany. Hitler has seen the reports, the increasing casualties, the displeasure at home, and always the gains being made by the Allies.

In desperation he has turned to Herr Doktor. Once a ludicrous idea has now become, in Der Fuehrer’s mind, his last hope to turn the tide and achieve victory.

What is Project Hölle auf Erden? Simply put, it is the reanimation of the dead and more. Not the undead that would randomly wreak havoc on the world, but a controlled force led by the minions of Der Fuehrer. However; exactly how much control is debatable and yet to be seen.

And we’re not even talking about the Werewolves…

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Fortunes Won and Lost AAR Part 5 - Back Alleys

Part 3 

Meanwhile, outside the Dancing Frog...

 Sara Jane and Arizona Bob leave the Dancing Frog and are confronted by the three Italian soldiers. Time for a Fistfight. Everyone rolls 2d6 to determine the order of action. One Italian scores a 9 and will go first - everyone else scores an 8!

 The Italian goes first and moves into contact with AZ. Each guy rolls 2d6 versus Rep - AZ passes 2d6 and the soldier 1d6. AZ had a chance to KO his opponent, but only succeeds in landing a few punches that drops the soldier's Rep down by 1 point. The fight goes on...

 Bam, bam , bam! AZ passes 2d6 more than the soldier and down he goes. As the first fight is over, the rest of the guys roll off to see who goes next. Sara wins and will go next. She figures AZ has it covered so chooses to pass!

 The next active guy is AZ and he moves into contact with a soldier. Each rolls 2d6 and both pass the same number of d6. This means they both take 1 drop in Rep. The it happens  again!

 AZ takes out the soldier, but the 2 Rep points lost remain with him until ALL fights are over. The last Italian charges and the fight begins. Back in forth it goes with the Italian scoring damage on AZ, who rallies ...

takes down the soldier. AZ is now at Rep 2 for fist fighting, but lucky for him there's no one left to fight. His Rep returns to 5.

"Bravo, AZ!", Jefferson Davis says. "I had your back buddy."
AZ wipes the blood from his mouth and replies "Yeah, I could tell. And Sarah..."
Sarah Jane smiles and cuts him off. "I knew you could do it, Bob, I mean AZ. Let's go back inside and I'll let you buy me a drink! "
As Sarah walks over to Jefferson's lady friend, Jefferson asks - "Where's Sir Winston?"

Here's a Quick and Easy, one  page, set of Fist Fight rules.

Saturday 15 July 2017

Colonial Lemuria Lists for Fortunes Won and Lost

As some of you may know, Colonial Lemuria, Mission St. Mary and Fortunes Won and Lost are compatible. We've taken it a step further and converted the Lemurian Lists to the Fortunes Won and Lost types - saving you the time and effort. Enjoy!

Lemurian Lists

Thursday 13 July 2017

Carousing at the Dancing Frog - Fortunes Won & Lost AAR Part 3

Part Two

I decide that AZ Bob, Jefferson, and Sarah Jane will go on a Hunting Encounter – as in hunting for a place to have a drink and carouse.

You’ll see that with THW games you can pick and choose different mechanics from different rules to do just about anything you want. It’s your Story, your game, so feel free to customize as needed.

Carousing at the Dancing Frog

Sarah Jane – Adventurer Rep 4  
Arizona Bob – Adventurer Rep 5  
Jefferson Davis Saunders – Adventurer Rep 5
As in Fortunes Won & Lost and Mission St. Mary we resolve PEFs – Possible Enemy Force markers. Depending upon the rules you’re using this could be between 1 and 5 PEFS. Default in most rules is 3 so I’ll resolve 3. As I’m not playing in the countryside I choose to resolve 3 of them in a row – one after the other.
Here I go – again, I have no idea what I will run into or what could happen.
A typical night of carousing is interaction, drinking, gambling and companionship – some to socialize with. While some rules have specifics for this, Fortunes Won & Lost and Mission St. Mary do not.
Using the Universal Interaction and Challenge Table allows me to do it all.

2    Universal Interaction and Challenge
                                                    (Taken versus Rep or applicable Skill)
                                                      A score of “6” is always a failure.

Difficult Challenge – If the Challenge is difficult.
Easy Challenge – If the Challenge is easy.
Gift or Tool – if giving a gift or using a tool that increases the chance of success.

# D6 Passed

Success! Character succeeds and gets his reward. Gain one Increasing Rep d6 or one Character Point.
Really want to do it?
·        Can choose to quit the Challenge.
·        Can choose to immediately re-take the Challenge counting a passing 1d6 result as passing 0d6.
Failure! Character fails and suffers the consequences. Gain one Decreasing Rep d6 or lose one Character Point.

Gambling with the UIC Table

I decide that AZ wants to gamble. I can choose to roll per each time I gamble (hand, throw if the dice) or once for the whole thing. The first way has the potential to win more Increasing Rep d6 or Character Points so that would be good.  Now that’s pretty simple, right? It’s a great way to milk the system to increase your Rep or Skill, right? Well, not exactly. Here’s why:
·        When you gain Increasing Rep d6 or Character Points equal to your current Rep roll 1d6.
·        Score a success – 1, 2, or 3 – and you have a Confrontation with 1+1/2d6 opponents. Who? That’s for you to do.
·        Score a failure – 4, 5 or 6 – and you’re okay.
And if you have a Confrontation and lose – you lose all your Increasing Rep d6 or Character Points. J
Anyway, back to AZ’s gambling using the UIC Table.
·        I decide there will be 1+ 1/2d6 NPCs to play against. I could have rolled for more or assigned a number. I score a total of 3.
·        Who are they? I choose to make them Italian soldiers. Why? Because I have some cool Italian Colonial Army figures from Askari Miniatures.
·        I roll 3d6 on the European – Military List and score a 4, 5 and 5. This gives me one Rep 4 (the Leader) and two Rep 3s.
It’s time to gamble and I want to make it simple. Each character will roll on the UIC Table and after all the results are done I’ll apply them.
·        AZ passes 1d6. He tries again and passes 2d6.   
·        Rep 4 Soldiers passes 1d6 and then passes 0d6. Lose 1 Character Point.
·        Rep 3 soldier passes 0d6. Lose 1 Character Point.
·        Rep 3 soldier passes 2d6.
AZ and one Rep 3 continue to play.
·        AZ passes 2d6.
·        Rep 3 soldier passes 1d6 and then passes 0d6. Lose 1 Character Point.
I decide that AZ gains the 3 Character Points lost by the Italians.

Gaining Companionship using the UIC Table.

Jefferson Davis or JD seeks Companionship. I roll on the European – Civilians List in Fortunes Won & Lost to see the Rep of the lady he met at the bar. I score a 6 – She’ll be Rep 3. As her Rep is 2 less than JD’s I figure this is an Easy Challenge. I roll 2d6 versus Rep of 6 (5 +1), score a 1 and 2 and pass 2d6.  JD gains some Companionship and 1 Character Point. JD and the lady leave the Dancing Frog.

Interaction using the UIC Table.

Sarah Jane decides to Interact with the bartender. He’s a Rep 5 so this is a bit of a Difficult Challenge as she has a lower Rep (4) so her Rep counts as 3. She scores a 1 and a 4, passing 0d6. She decides not to try again. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

AZ and Sarah Jane leave the Dancing Frog. The Italian soldiers follow close behind. When our duo gets outside ...

Monday 10 July 2017

The Brittany Star - Fortunes Won & Lost AAR Part 2

So Arizona Bob and the group are on the Brittany Star heading for Mission St. Mary. Normally the games would start when they disembark, but I figure, what the heck, I’ll run an Encounter on the ship. The rules for Encounters that could be used are in Mission St. Mary. The sweet thing is even though most are made for exploring in the countryside, you can adapt them for use on the ship with a little imagination. All I would need to do is substitute appropriate Non-Player Characters for the location. They are:
·        Confrontation – Used when two groups square off and fight. This can take place on the ship, in an alley, or on the tabletop while exploring the countryside.
·        Conquer – Used to stake claim to territory and drive all opponents off. I could use it in a bar or tavern setting where an obnoxious group wants to take it over for the night.
·        Contact – Although used for discovering a primitive race or lost place, on the Brittany Star I could use it to try and find a specific NPC.
·        Explore – Used to explore unexplored areas of Lemuria. This could also be used when exploring different parts of a town or in this case a ship.
·        Gathering – Used to trek around the country gathering food to survive.
·        Hunt – Used to hunt a specific animal or creature. On board the Brittany Star? Arizona Bob could be hunting for a drink!
·        Job Offer – Someone offers you a job.
·        Raid – Used to raid an opposing location or defending yours.
·        Rescue – In this Encounter you try and rescue someone. Maybe Sarah Jane’s been kidnapped and being held onboard the ship or in a seamy part of Mission St. Mary.
·        Scavenger Hunt – This is the follow up to a Hunt in the countryside where you have attracted unwanted visitors.
·        Travel – The Travel Encounter is used when you are moving from area to area. This could be inside a town like Mission St. Mary, onboard a ship, or even moving about the countryside. 

In Fortunes Won and Lost, we have the additional military based Missions for use in the countryside, which could be used in town and again, onboard a ship. They are:
·        Patrol – You are to explore the table and spend time scouting on the opposite edge, resolving all PEFs – Possible Enemy Force markers. You can adapt this for patrolling a town or ship, making the rounds, as part of the local police or security.
·        Raid – Used to raid the enemy.
·        Defend – Used to protect a location or someone from enemy raiders.

All together about a dozen adventures to choose from. I could roll randomly or choose which one to play. I choose …

Part 3

Great Hall Burning Kickstarter now launched. Must see!

And here's the deal. If you already have the rules, Great Hall Burning, after you pledge contact me and I will swap out another set of rules, your choice.

Sunday 9 July 2017

Lemuria - Land of Opportunity - Fortunes Won & Lost AAR Part 1

Lemuria – Land of Opportunity. Or so Arizona Bob had heard. So when he had a chance to go there with his employer Sir Winston “Winnie” Hollowcraft he was ready for it.
“What’s the job, sir?” AZ asked.
“Not quite sure, Bob,” Winnie replied. “Maybe a bit of business mixed with pleasure. Sarah Jane will accompany us and I’ve already notified Jefferson as to our departure time. Will three days be sufficient for you to get your affairs in order?”
“Yes sir,” AZ continued. “Where will be leaving from?”
“Corpus Christi. I already booked passage on the Brittany Star. Unless you have any more questions I’ll see you there in three days…in the morning. I have a room booked for you at the only hotel in town for the night before.”
AZ extended his hand and the two men shook hands. “Looking forward to working with you again, sir”.

“Winnie, Bob, you can call me Winnie.”

Colonial Lemuria is the title I use for generating places when I want to explore a non-historical continent. I prefer not to be confined by history this works well for me. It contains the history of the continent and its peoples as well as detailed first-hand information on each nation/area.  Included are 14 different army lists – with the 6 army lists in Fortunes Won & Lost to represent them accurately.

Lemuria is a world where ancient Kingdoms and European powers vie for control. A splendid combination of history and fiction.

I chose to have my party represented by the European – Adventurers List – even though they have a couple of Americans with them. Here’s the list of the party.

Sir Winston - Co-Star - Adventurer Rep 4 Pistol and European Rifle.
Sarah Jane - Co-Star - Adventurer Rep 4 Pistol and European Rifle.
Arizona Bob - Star - Adventurer Rep 5 Two Pistols and European Rifle.   
Jefferson Davis Saunders - Co-Star - Adventurer Rep 5 European Rifle and Pistol.

I am choosing to use Co-Star from Larger Than Life - Director's Cut which is totally compatible with these three books. This  gives the character Star Power - the ability to reduce damage. Only AZ has the another advantage - Free Will - allowing him to choose his Reaction. None will have Cheating Death or Larger Than Life that  are included in LTL.

Of all the places in Lemuria I could explore I specifically chose Nobelongga as it is the site of the infamous Treaty Port – Mission St. Mary.

This is all of the information I have as  the player. First stop will be disembarking from the Brittany Star in Mission St. Mary. And so the Story begins!

But wait... there's more.