Sunday 30 April 2023

A Knight in Talomir

 A knight in Talomir is a supplement campaign for Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir ruleset from Two Hour Wargames, and this is how it starts:

You are Jean de la Roche, a minor noble and knight from the interior lands of Jellway, in the Borderlands in Talomir. You are sitting in the hall of your castle, looking at the fireplace with a glass of spiced wine in your hand, away from the chilling wind outside.

You are warm and safe, but you sorely miss the days of adventure, when you rode through the kingdom helping people from evil doers, exploring dungeons, killing monsters and witches as well as saving damsels in dire need.

So when you heard news of a Great Fair being held in Edhelion, South of Jellway, you quickly saddle up and take the road once again.

Adventure and the possibility of gaining honors and riches awaits you!

So my character is a wandering knight and his first mission is just to take the road and have some encounters along (minimum 3). He is a Rep 5, Star, swordman and with the combat perk "critical hit", and equipped with a long sword and shield, helmet, full chainmail and a war horse and a purse with 6 increasing Rep d6.

As he rides down the road he first meet with a group of pilgrims traveling to visit the Temple of the Amulet of Sorbrowane. They are a caster, a knight, a soldier, a peasant and a sheperd (miniatures are 1/72 soft plastic ).

Sir Jean addresses first to the caster (using here the new NPC Interaction chart, Courtly talk). The caster receives him well and barters a vial of mana for 1 Rep d6. Jean then talks with the knight who is very much impressed by his courtly manners; Jean gets an extra 1 Rep d6. He finally talks to the soldier but he doesn't get anything interesting from this simple man. After that, he resumes his travel, ignoring the peasants.


On his second encounter he just finds some food that can be gathered. He gains 1 Rep d6.

On his third and last compulsory encounter Sir Jean meets a noble woman who turns to be the lady of lord of a neighbouring castle. Again, Jean impresses the lady with his courtly and refined manners (gets 1 Rep d6), and seeing he has all her attention, he pushes forward to take a quest from the lady, but this turns to be too much for a first meet and she  dissmises him with contempt (loses 1 Rep d6).


I was having fun and didn't want to finish yet this first mission, so I went for another encounter in the road as I can have as much as I want. This time it was an ambush of four bandits!

Sir Jean activated first and charged the closest villain who almost thrusted his horse with a spear but was finally slain. Then it was the bandits' turn, and though they attacked the knight together, they were no match for him and were quickly and easily dispatched.

Suddenly, a stone smashed against his shield and turning his horse, he charged at the man with the sling and killed him in no time. Those poor bastards didn't know who they were attacking and paid with his lives. And much more they did pay as Sir Jean found coins in their pockets for a total of 9 Rep d6 plus two magical objects, a potion of vision and the sword of seeking!

 He then happiliy resumed his travel towards the Great Fair and future adventures.


Thursday 27 April 2023

More Detail in your WHAT Games? Get CRUNCHY!

CRUNCHY launches next Monday!


So, you play Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir but want a little more detail in your games? Then you want CRUNCHY!

CRUNCHY is an optional add on for playing WHAT. It adds a bit more of flavor by introducing some detailed game mechanics.

We’ve subbed out more detailed yet smooth Melee, Shooting, and Interaction game mechanics. That and some new stuff. Knightly Endeavors, Random Events, Combat Perks, and some Legendary Characters you can play as, Recruit or Fight. You choose!
Did we mention the interlinked Encounters you can have while you’re in town?

CRUNCHY; taking your WHAT games to a higher level.


You can use all, some, or none of the options as it is your game, but you need a copy of WHAT to be able to play. 

Wednesday 26 April 2023

5150 New Beginnings - Let's Cut a Deal - Part 2

 Part 1 

Sooze has a dilemma. She's been offered a chance to have all charges dropped for the death of the girl she had a fist fight with, but only if she sets up Billy Pink. Billy and the Crew have history with the Police Detective that is offering her a Deal. Their history was before he was a cop and let's just say he was kind of "sketchy". That's why Sooze was shocked that he's a Cop on the NHC PD.
Now my dilemma. Will she try and set up Billy or not. And if she doesn't what happens next? How do I do this? 
I decide to go Chillin' with Billy and Sooze to see if he can see what happened with the cops and why they let her go. 

I must resolve 1 PEF - Possible Enemy Force - before entering a building. I roll up an Exotic. I'm using Night at the Fights to generate the NPCs I run into. It has over 100 NPCs, some for all of the Classes in New Beginnings and with 30+ recurring NPCs with names, etc.  Billy meets a Bounty Hunter, they Interact, but just pass each other by.

Into Piranhas they go. I generate 4 PEFs and roll them up using a Night at the Fights. 

The NPCs have their own Stories. I roll for each to see if any have any "history" with Billy or Sooze.

Vala and Billy have some history. Not good though. They Interact and she gives Billy an "unfavorable result" - he gains 1 Decreasing Rep d6. 

Anyway, time to Interact with Sooze. I use some Sweet Talking - good dinner place - so get a +1d6 bonus when they Talk the Talk. Billy passes more and I go to Interaction. He wins there, spending another Sweet Talking d6 - that's 2 Decreasing Rep d6, 3 total. He passes more there and now I decide to use a Challenge to see if Sooze will come clean.  Billy passes 2d6 and Sooze tells him about Mullins and how he wants her to set Billy up. One more PEF to resolve and it's Ashlynn Cooper, the rogue reporter. Nothing happens and time to leave the restaurant.

One more PEF to be resolved and it's Amber the Net Runner. Billy and her have history, him having hired her for multiple Jobs in the past. Roll for Interaction and she has a Job for Billy. I decide the three will go out and grab a drink or two and she can offer him the Job. Stay tuned!
Nothing violent happened and I could have chosen how things would be with Sooze but I wanted to use Encounters, Interaction, etc. because you never know what could happen. New Beginnings isn't like 5150 Star Army Total War   the Miliary game where you know the Mission and who you're fighting. This is a bit more Story oriented and it's entertaining in its own way. Kind of like a movie.

Next up. The Escort Job Billy got from the NHC Government Assistant in A Night on the Town.

FYI Just to keep track of the Rep d6 for Billy this month. 4 Increasing for "taking out" 4 NPCs but 3 Decreasing for the Interactions with the PEFs. The good news is the Escort Job from the Mover could pay "big bucks" and there's Amber's Job Offer as well. Of course, that's if Billy is successful. 

Part 3

Wednesday 12 April 2023

5150 New Beginnings - Let's Cut a Deal - Part 1

 Billy and the Crew (Sooze, Fast Eddie, and Bent) were on a Night on the Town  when things went bad. Well, it went bad for Sooze. The woman she was fist fighting with went Obviously Dead. Killing someone is the only Major Crime in New Hope City. If found guilty, the best result is time in prison. Otherwise, death. Sooze was arrested and brought in for questioning.

One of the big benefits of 5150 New Beginnings is you can create "what ifs". In this case, I want NHC PD to get Billy Pink and the best way would be from inside the Crew.

Part 2

Monday 10 April 2023

5150 New Beginnings - A Night on the Town - Last Call

 Part 3

Here's Part 4 and decided to use the counters found in 5150 New Beginnings. I mount them on 1" mirror mounting tape squares. Use both sides that way. Anyway, back to the Story.

Billy and the Crew leave the Bar before the Police arrive. Time to resolve one more PEF. PEFs: you resolve one going into a building and one when you leave. I know Ashlynn is outside and roll up some NPCs. Five Joes - Laborers. Have we met them before? I decide to see if Ashlynn has and score an 11. They have met before and not on good terms. 

In New Beginnings it's possible to walk in on a robbery. You can ignore it or intervene. I figure that I'll just use that idea and have Billy and the Crew intervene.

Have the option to use weapons but the Joes don't have any and I figure we can take them out in melee. 

The melee goes into a second round and the Crew finish the Joes off. But the Police Are Called when shots were fired and now show up. 

I have them Interact with Ashlynn as she has good People Skills and is "well-known". She works the Sgt. and he's all good with them. Except there's a problem. Sooze passed 2d6 more in melee and scored "doubles". The NPC went Obviously Dead!

No choice here. Not going to mess with the Police. They take Sooze away and go into the Bar to clean up. Billy and the Crew follow them to the Police station. Ashlynn goes into the Bar where her video guy is to do a story for the news.
Time to Cut a Deal.

Let's Cut a Deal


Saturday 8 April 2023

5150 New Beginnings - A Night on the Town - Part 3

Part 2

 I've spent the time to set up the Story and included NPC Interaction for other roads to go down after the Encounter. Billy meets the possible employer; a Mover - Government Assistant - and he wants to hire Billy. Well, we'll see as I have to roll to see what the Mover wants. Escort Job. But not him. Interesting. If Billy takes it, he'll find out the details. I take and decide it's time to leave. Only resolved 1 PEF for Billy but that's still a success. Time to go except...

I roll boxcars on the Chance of Robbery Table. Billy's going to get robbed when he leaves. It's my game and I've never done this before so...

I roll up the NPC Robbers; five of them and in they come. Two armed with Automatic Weapons and they lead the charge into the building. Actually only three make it inside.

Technically everyone in the Bar is being robbed so they all roll on the Attempted Robbery Table to see how they react. See the following picture for the results.

Time to fight!

I had no idea what was going to happen and when the Robbers had the Advantage, I hoped for the best but expected the worse. The Robbers had a +1d6 bonus for having their Weapons drawn. Luckily Billy has the Sensory Enhancements and that gave him the chance to go first. That and after the fight I remembered that Stars always have the option to resist.  

Time to leave the Bar. One more PEF to resolve. In 5150 New Beginnings you always resolve one PEF when entering a building and one when you leave as well as the ones inside the building. Feel like having a big adventure? Try visiting 3 buildings in Lower Hope at night!

Part 4 - Last Call

Friday 7 April 2023

5150 New Beginnings - A Night on the Town - Part 2

Part 1

The Crew enters Voodoo Jake's. I set up the staff. Red = Bartenders, Security and Dancers. I'm using minis so have to make do. 

 I roll 4 PEFs. I roll up who and how many of them based on Billy being alone. The rest of the Crew are at a separate table in the Bar.  This reduces the number of NPCs you run into, but the Crew cannot act until the second turn of Action. Plus, it allows them to Interact on their own - see the Dancer and Fast Eddie for an example.

Orange = Gangers, Yellow = Razor and Hishen, Green = Xeog and Purple = Basic Mover. 

I decided I want more detail so had the NPCs Interact with each other. This was handled using the NPC Interaction Table. Then I scripted the results. A good example is the Tip-Tip Glom Bartender trying to hit on the Xeog customer. He passed less d6 so she kind of blew him off.

Once I had the situation set up it's time for Billy to Resolve (Interact) with the PEFs. Watch for Part 3.

Part 3

5150 New Beginnings - Night on the Town - Part 1

I put together some new terrain, paper cardstock building fronts glued to 1" balsa wood blocks. Not 3D buildings as I'm playing 5150 New Beginnings and will be using some Battle Boards when the action takes place inside. 

Billy Pink, Fast Eddie, Sooze, and Bent - the Crew - are having a Chillin' Encounter in Lower Gaea. Kind of a sketchy neighborhood but it has good and bad possibilities. Maybe Billy can find a Job Offer. The Encounter starts outside on the street. Bent and Sooze, are in Jiffy Jake's picking up some last-minute essentials while Billy and Fast Eddie are waiting outside.

in 5150 New Beginnings you must resolve 1 PEF (Possible Enemy Force) before entering a building  Ashlyn Cooper

Part 2



Part Two soon to follow.