Saturday 8 April 2023

5150 New Beginnings - A Night on the Town - Part 3

Part 2

 I've spent the time to set up the Story and included NPC Interaction for other roads to go down after the Encounter. Billy meets the possible employer; a Mover - Government Assistant - and he wants to hire Billy. Well, we'll see as I have to roll to see what the Mover wants. Escort Job. But not him. Interesting. If Billy takes it, he'll find out the details. I take and decide it's time to leave. Only resolved 1 PEF for Billy but that's still a success. Time to go except...

I roll boxcars on the Chance of Robbery Table. Billy's going to get robbed when he leaves. It's my game and I've never done this before so...

I roll up the NPC Robbers; five of them and in they come. Two armed with Automatic Weapons and they lead the charge into the building. Actually only three make it inside.

Technically everyone in the Bar is being robbed so they all roll on the Attempted Robbery Table to see how they react. See the following picture for the results.

Time to fight!

I had no idea what was going to happen and when the Robbers had the Advantage, I hoped for the best but expected the worse. The Robbers had a +1d6 bonus for having their Weapons drawn. Luckily Billy has the Sensory Enhancements and that gave him the chance to go first. That and after the fight I remembered that Stars always have the option to resist.  

Time to leave the Bar. One more PEF to resolve. In 5150 New Beginnings you always resolve one PEF when entering a building and one when you leave as well as the ones inside the building. Feel like having a big adventure? Try visiting 3 buildings in Lower Hope at night!

Part 4 - Last Call

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