Monday 10 April 2023

5150 New Beginnings - A Night on the Town - Last Call

 Part 3

Here's Part 4 and decided to use the counters found in 5150 New Beginnings. I mount them on 1" mirror mounting tape squares. Use both sides that way. Anyway, back to the Story.

Billy and the Crew leave the Bar before the Police arrive. Time to resolve one more PEF. PEFs: you resolve one going into a building and one when you leave. I know Ashlynn is outside and roll up some NPCs. Five Joes - Laborers. Have we met them before? I decide to see if Ashlynn has and score an 11. They have met before and not on good terms. 

In New Beginnings it's possible to walk in on a robbery. You can ignore it or intervene. I figure that I'll just use that idea and have Billy and the Crew intervene.

Have the option to use weapons but the Joes don't have any and I figure we can take them out in melee. 

The melee goes into a second round and the Crew finish the Joes off. But the Police Are Called when shots were fired and now show up. 

I have them Interact with Ashlynn as she has good People Skills and is "well-known". She works the Sgt. and he's all good with them. Except there's a problem. Sooze passed 2d6 more in melee and scored "doubles". The NPC went Obviously Dead!

No choice here. Not going to mess with the Police. They take Sooze away and go into the Bar to clean up. Billy and the Crew follow them to the Police station. Ashlynn goes into the Bar where her video guy is to do a story for the news.
Time to Cut a Deal.

Let's Cut a Deal


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