Wednesday 26 April 2023

5150 New Beginnings - Let's Cut a Deal - Part 2

 Part 1 

Sooze has a dilemma. She's been offered a chance to have all charges dropped for the death of the girl she had a fist fight with, but only if she sets up Billy Pink. Billy and the Crew have history with the Police Detective that is offering her a Deal. Their history was before he was a cop and let's just say he was kind of "sketchy". That's why Sooze was shocked that he's a Cop on the NHC PD.
Now my dilemma. Will she try and set up Billy or not. And if she doesn't what happens next? How do I do this? 
I decide to go Chillin' with Billy and Sooze to see if he can see what happened with the cops and why they let her go. 

I must resolve 1 PEF - Possible Enemy Force - before entering a building. I roll up an Exotic. I'm using Night at the Fights to generate the NPCs I run into. It has over 100 NPCs, some for all of the Classes in New Beginnings and with 30+ recurring NPCs with names, etc.  Billy meets a Bounty Hunter, they Interact, but just pass each other by.

Into Piranhas they go. I generate 4 PEFs and roll them up using a Night at the Fights. 

The NPCs have their own Stories. I roll for each to see if any have any "history" with Billy or Sooze.

Vala and Billy have some history. Not good though. They Interact and she gives Billy an "unfavorable result" - he gains 1 Decreasing Rep d6. 

Anyway, time to Interact with Sooze. I use some Sweet Talking - good dinner place - so get a +1d6 bonus when they Talk the Talk. Billy passes more and I go to Interaction. He wins there, spending another Sweet Talking d6 - that's 2 Decreasing Rep d6, 3 total. He passes more there and now I decide to use a Challenge to see if Sooze will come clean.  Billy passes 2d6 and Sooze tells him about Mullins and how he wants her to set Billy up. One more PEF to resolve and it's Ashlynn Cooper, the rogue reporter. Nothing happens and time to leave the restaurant.

One more PEF to be resolved and it's Amber the Net Runner. Billy and her have history, him having hired her for multiple Jobs in the past. Roll for Interaction and she has a Job for Billy. I decide the three will go out and grab a drink or two and she can offer him the Job. Stay tuned!
Nothing violent happened and I could have chosen how things would be with Sooze but I wanted to use Encounters, Interaction, etc. because you never know what could happen. New Beginnings isn't like 5150 Star Army Total War   the Miliary game where you know the Mission and who you're fighting. This is a bit more Story oriented and it's entertaining in its own way. Kind of like a movie.

Next up. The Escort Job Billy got from the NHC Government Assistant in A Night on the Town.

FYI Just to keep track of the Rep d6 for Billy this month. 4 Increasing for "taking out" 4 NPCs but 3 Decreasing for the Interactions with the PEFs. The good news is the Escort Job from the Mover could pay "big bucks" and there's Amber's Job Offer as well. Of course, that's if Billy is successful. 

Part 3

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