Friday 7 April 2023

5150 New Beginnings - A Night on the Town - Part 2

Part 1

The Crew enters Voodoo Jake's. I set up the staff. Red = Bartenders, Security and Dancers. I'm using minis so have to make do. 

 I roll 4 PEFs. I roll up who and how many of them based on Billy being alone. The rest of the Crew are at a separate table in the Bar.  This reduces the number of NPCs you run into, but the Crew cannot act until the second turn of Action. Plus, it allows them to Interact on their own - see the Dancer and Fast Eddie for an example.

Orange = Gangers, Yellow = Razor and Hishen, Green = Xeog and Purple = Basic Mover. 

I decided I want more detail so had the NPCs Interact with each other. This was handled using the NPC Interaction Table. Then I scripted the results. A good example is the Tip-Tip Glom Bartender trying to hit on the Xeog customer. He passed less d6 so she kind of blew him off.

Once I had the situation set up it's time for Billy to Resolve (Interact) with the PEFs. Watch for Part 3.

Part 3

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