Friday 9 December 2022

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Monday 5 December 2022

Monday 31 October 2022

Road to Lothgolin II (WHAT)


After safely reaching the border of the Elves forest, Eilif and his man dismount and try to sneak behind the Orc patrols to get in contact with the Elves.

This is a Defence Encounter played by the rules WHAT but with at twist. This time both sides, attacker and defender, are moved by the game's AI, and I'll be a third party trying to pass through the Orcs and kill as many of them as I can to help the Elves and have a favourable welcome. Eilif and his Ranger companion will start on turn 2 behind Orc units. Also, the three PEFs will be alrady loaded and resolved.

I am using new rules for weapons, armour and other things such as Combat Perks, Co-Stars, wounded characters, etc. from the supplement for WHAT,Crunchy.

Eilif is a Star and Ranger (dual class), with the Combat Perk Critical Hit, Rep 5, AC4, magic Sword of Rage, short bow and knife.

His companion Arne is Co-Star, Ranger (dual class), with the magic Armour of Protection AC2, short sword, knife and short bow.

All Elves are Rep 4. Archers with long bow, AC2, Marksman (3d6 for shooting). Fighters with two handed swords and AC4.

All Orcs are REp 4 except their leader who is Rep 5; their armour vary from AC2-3-4-5 depending on what they are wearing. The are all Rage (3d6 when charging into melee).

Turn 1. Orcs 1 - Elves 3

The Orcs entering in Lothgolin.

Elves keep their positions and then Orcs charge. Some are shot down but others reach melee and slaughter the Elves.

In the centre they suffer more casualties due to cross fire but they finally reach their target and eliminate it.

A closer view of the massacre.

The Orcs on the left cannot reach the Elves and suffer a casualty while another ducks back behind some bushes.

Turn 2. Orcs 4 - Elves 2

After killing the first Elves, the Orcs charge to another group but this time they are stopped with one shot down, another shocked and a third running away in panic. The one standing is killed later on the Elves activation.

The surviving Orcs in the middle with their chieftain charge the Elves infantry, suffering both sides one casualty each and both holding their ground.
On the left the Orcs finally charge and kill the Elves but they pay the price too.
On the Elves turn Eilif and Arne enter the board behind the Orcs and kill two of them with their bows.

Turn 3. Orcs 4 - Elves 6!

Elves do not activate and Orcs charge. Their leader kills another Elf and the succumbs overwhelmed by the Elf superiority in numbers.

The surviving Orcs in the left flank charge Eilif. One falls before them but the other attacks Arne who is down Out of Fight. Then, Einar dispatches the last Orc and finally meets with the Elves.

 The Elves are happy to see them and very receptive. Einar is quickly taken to their lord to who he will speak on behalf of his king Einar for an alliance against the invading Orcs.

But first he is allowed to loot all the slained Orcs. The Elves despise registering Orc bodies and let Eilif keep all the loot. He gets 14 Advance Rep d6, one magic Armour of Agility, one magic Sword of Rage (another), one magic Sword of seeking and one magic short bow of Seeking, yay!

P.S. - I think I should have made Orc groups of eight instead of six. That would have made twice as much as Elves, which I think it would have been more balanced and interesting.

Thursday 20 October 2022

5150 Night at the Fights

 5150 Night at the Fights - What's happening at the Night at the Fights. NPCs a plenty, each with their own "stories" to tell. Be Billy Pink or use your own Star to find out!

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Kickstarter over and Fully Funded


Thanks to all. Here's a rundown of what's next for the Quick Play games:

As soon as the backers get their PDFs (November), I will offer them on the THW site. When they get their printed copies (January), I will post the print option on the site. As the PDF is given with the print copy, if you buy the PDF and send me proof of purchase you will get credited that amount to the print order.

Monday 29 August 2022

Road to Lothgolin

 After a successful diplomatic mission in which  you were sent to the Border Kingdoms to get cavalry to fight the Orcs, your king Einar now sends you to try to talk to the mysterious Elves from Lothgolin for an alliance treaty as they are also under the invading Orc threat .

Three of your rangers volunteer to accompany you and the king provides steeds for all (this is going to be my first Encounter on horses!) so you run for three weeks through the North border of Mirish, passing below Gorath and Bal-A-Tor and towards Lothgolin (see map of Talomir).

In the second week they have an encounter with a solitaire Orc who reluctantly agrees to barter with them but what Eilif wants is information. The Orc either doesn't know anything about the Orcs uprising or he is lying, in any case he decides to kill it just in case. After registering his belongings Eilif gets 1 Increase Rep d6.

They finally reach the borders of Lothgolin and explore the border trying to find a safe route through the woods...

This is a Wandering Encounter in which you have to resolve at least one PEF and then exit through the opposite side of the board. There are three PEFs, and being in Wilderness and in a C Area, the Enemy Rating is 5 and that means that Eilif is probably going to meet several groups!

Lothgolin at last!

Turn 1. Orcs 4 - Mirholme 2.

The PEF from the left doesn't move but the two at the top do and one is resolved as soon as it gets in sight. Eilif and his men hide behind a hill to avoid resolving more PEFs.

The PEF (Possible Enemy Force) is a group of seven Orc Wolf Riders!

In their Activation they move as fast as they can towards the men.

Turn 2. Orcs 1 - Mirholme 6.

Eilif is now Rep 6 so they activate first and move out from the hill and reveal another PEF, a Troll! Then they shoot at the Orcs, killing just one. 

One of the Orcs charges and leaves one Ranger Out of the Fight (OOF). Eilif hopes he's snapped his neck as they don't have time to stop and check.

 Turn 3. Orcs 1 - Mirholme 4.

Eilif and his men try to escape bordering the wood and the last PEF is resolved, a group of eleven Goblin archers! The Troll and the Wolf Raiders pursue them, but riding horses is great to run away from the enemy.

Turn 4. Orcs 1 - Mirholme 3.

Afraid of getting surrendered Eilif and his men turn back and charge at the Wolves, killing three of them and making another one flee in terror.

Then the last two Wolf Raiders charge at them but are defeated. The Troll and Goblins hasten behind the Rangers.

Turn 5. Orcs 6 - Mirholme 3.

The Rangers shoot with their bows at the Troll who seek refuge in the forest, then the gallop towards Lothgolin.

Turn 6. Orcs 3 - Mirholme 4.

The Rangers keep galloping are close to reach the woods of the Elves. A new PEF appears and is resolved. It is a group of two Dwarves.

The Troll keeps running after Eilif and the Goblins shoot at the Dwarves who enraged charge and kill two of them, causing another to flee.

Turn 7. Orcs 1 - Mirholme 2 - Dwarves 3.

The two Dwarves charge again and kill two more Goblins. Chop, chop! The rest can take it and flee in despair!

Now the Rangers activate and prepare to leave the area but they decide to shoot one last time to the stupid Troll. They miss and the Troll reacts charging at them. After so much pursuing he finally gets them!

Luckily, the Troll wasn't very good and the Ranger could kill it. 

Then Eilif's horse throws him to the ground with so bad luck that he snaps his neck; he is dead! He uses his Star advantage to try to survive and rolls 6d6 but only gets one success and now he is OOF. After that he uses his Extraordinary Effort and rolls one more die with success, escaping unscathed by a hair's breath in the end!

Then the Rangers dismount and together head to where the Dwarves are waiting. They are followers of the Black Moon but the men of Mirholme are Neutral, and more than them so they finally talk with them. Eilif spends 1 Increasing Rep d6 in Sweet Talk and manages to get some information from them, making the ER of the area one point lower. They also offer to barter but Eilif is not interested.

Later they check their fallen comrade but he scores two sixes in the After the Encounter Recovery Chart! He is dead and already cold and stiff.

Finally they loot all the Orcs and the Troll, the Goblins are for the Dwarves. They get a magic Armour of Protection and the Sword of Rage. They also collect 6 Increasing Rep d6 from loot plus an extra 1d6 for a successful mission, but they also lose 1d6 for Eilif using his Star Advantages, 1 for loosing one men and 3d6 in his men wages.

Wednesday 3 August 2022

A Werewolf in Talomir


Testing one of the scenarios for the new adventure supplement for Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir (WHAT) that is going to be released soon. This is a special situation in which the Star, the miniature representing the player, turns into a Werewolf (think of an American Werewolf in London). 

So during the adventure you are trying to find out a way to get rid of the curse of being a Werewolf by fighting against Witches, Trolls, Giants, Vampires and Wizards, but you may suffer from several Full Moons during the campaign in which you stops being a human being and turns into a Werewolf; which is no good as you can get killed or worse, you can kill innocent people! (you lose advantage Rep d6 for each innocent slaughtered).

I played the Encounter on a 90x90 cm. mat and the game took me less than 15 minutes to finish it. Sweet and easy.

The table setup is in the outskirts of Wolfstone, North of Mirdholme, Talomir. The three yellow dots are the PEFs generated as per the rules.


Your character:

"There is Full Moon tonight and as soon as a moonbeam touches you, your blood starts to boil from within, burning and hurting beyond measure as your body insanely convulses. After a quiet moment you open your eyes into a new life form. You look up to the Moon and from your chest comes out a deep and terrifying howling that shreds your throat and your soul alike. You have turned into a blood thirsty beast!"

Turn 1. Townsfolk 5 (nobody activates) - Werewolf 1.

The beast moves towards one of the PEFs (Possible Enemy Figures) in the centre of the table; there is contact and it is resolved as a Female Labourer. She cannot see the monster in the dark but it can sees her! Luckily for her, the Werewolf restrains himself and disappears into the night (I rolled in a chart for that).


Turn 2. Townsfolk 4 - Werewolf 3.

PEFs activate first but none move. After that I could leave the Encounter as I only have to resolve one PEF to be successful, but as I am testing the scenario I decide to check another PEF. 

The Werewolf moves to its right and again there is a contact (the Enemy Rating or possibility of meeting somebody is 3 in this place), and I can run into Townsfolk, Wild Animals or even my own Followers, my band. I meet with another Townsfolk, this time it is a Hunter.

On this occasion the Character fails to restrain himself, loses control and charges the Hunter, Roar!

There is melee. None of them wears armour. The Hunter has a hand weapon and the Werewolf its claws and teeth but also the attribute Rage. The beast wins the first round of combat but it only scratches the Hunter. I roll for another round and again the Werewolf wins, causing the Hunter a fatal wound. Then, in the next turn it leaves the table and the Encounter is over.

So our character escaped alive from this Encounter and although he lost 1d6 Rep for killing the Hunter, at least he didn't come across his own men. Next Full Moon, after a few scenarios in between, would be harder for him to restrain from murdering!

Friday 29 July 2022

Off to the Races!

 Coming next week:

Wire to Wire Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Racing

Win or Go Home Formula One and Stock Car Racing

Wait! Why racing games? Great for a change of pace. Introduce people into gaming. Tie it into the Pulp PI - Investigator for Hire rules set. Wait! What?

Sunday 10 July 2022

Man-to-Man versus Big Battle Rules



Why play the man-to-man skirmish games if I play big battle rules? How about...

"These are games that can be played in between larger games. That means 1) you get more use out of your miniatures, 2) the characters in the games can be linked to the larger games and 3) it allows for some backstory development of lower rank officers that could also be part of a wider setting." Todd.
And Todd has it spot on!