Thursday 31 March 2011

"I Just Wanted to Get in Nine Holes." - AN ALL THINGS ZOMBIE AAR

Or, "How a desire to grab a quick round of golf all went to s%#t."

I am working on a zombie golf game to add to an ATZ Scenario Pack so decided to play a quick nine holes to see how the mechanics worked with zombies walking around the course. It's based on a real rural course in Arizona that I'm familiar with. Here's my story…

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Saturday 26 March 2011

15mm Gladiators and Carolee

Rebel Minis is doing a set of 15mm gladiators that match up the six in RSBS plus another "special" gladiator that I'll let Mike mention. 
Highlander Studios has finished the Carolee 15mm gladiatrix figure. She'll be fighting in the Dimachaerus style. Look for pictures next week.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Beautiful Game ...

Watch the blog for some input in the next week ... International Team stats and some more match reports. Planning on being at a few shows in England over the next month showing off the game ...

Also been working on (although our club RSBS campaign has slowed me down ) on a kids version of The Beautiful Game which has taken our school  by storm with an after hours league being planned ... simple game with lots of action and is bound to lead them to the real game.


Tuesday 22 March 2011

Add On rules for Red Sand Blue Sky - Heroes of the Arena

Just posted some Add On rules for Red Sand Blue Sky - Heroes of the Arena at the THW Yahoo Group. If you're not a member you should be as it's a great resource for answers to questions and tons of free stuff.

Just join and set your preferences to Web Only. With 4500 members there's lots of traffic and this way you get the benefits without the emails filling your In Box.

Think of it as a library where you can dig into the Files section and pick and choose what you want to use.

The Add Ons are in the THW Official Folder of the Files section.

Monday 21 March 2011

Fire In Korea - Next Up

Currently working on Fire In Korea, the NUTS supplement for the Korean War. Written by  Mike Reese, just doing layout then back to Mike for final approval. Look for it early April.

Sunday 20 March 2011

Strange things are afoot at THW

I'm taking a break from hardcore NUTS to push ahead with a currently nameless yet official NUTS Weird Science book that should be available this Summer. The book will be a combination of the real fantastic tech of WW2, heavy metal monsters like our friends of the E-series German tanks and the mighty Maus tank, along with Weird Science goodness like panzermechs, rayguns, jetpacks and more. This book won't have occult rules in it, but the real and imaged tech of the War is weird enough. There will also be several scenarios -- real and pure imagination. "Skorzeny's Rescue," for example, will pit German kommandos against Mussolini's jailors in what almost was the world's first helicopter assault landing; "On the Road to Penemunde" pits the Maus and X-7 ATGM teams against Soviet attackers. I may create rules for gas attacks -- but that's pretty nasty even for NUTS Weird Science.

Requests and suggestions are welcome!

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Keeping Up With Two Hour Products


This will be the go to site for updates about THW products. As things come up we'll post them here to keep you up to date.

In addition this will be where the THW authors can come and let you know about their upcoming projects as well.

Still use the Yahoo group for questions.

New THW Blog and New Website

Hey everybody, welcome to the new digs.
With all the games coming out from Two Hour Wargames we thought it was time to divide the company into three easy to find areas.
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