Sunday 20 March 2011

Keeping Up With Two Hour Products


This will be the go to site for updates about THW products. As things come up we'll post them here to keep you up to date.

In addition this will be where the THW authors can come and let you know about their upcoming projects as well.

Still use the Yahoo group for questions.


  1. Dead Heat FREE! But alas not so good tried to save then open PDF file and corrupt file/error appears. Would it be possible to sort this out as my zeds are chomping at the bit!?

  2. If you're receiving the error it's probably your browser or version of Adobe. I know of two browsers that seem to have this problem.
    If still getting the problem email me at and I'll send you a copy.

  3. Hey Ed, I've just downloaded Dead Heat and Bull Riding and the latter gives me a corrupted message, but the first doesn't! I'm using IE 7 and Foxit Reader v4.3 ...

    Just tried it again and it worked ... 2nd time lucky I guess

  4. Strange stuff. I use Firefox and never have any problems. Wonder if it has anything to do with using it when I upload to the site.

  5. Strange things are afoot?
    After reading the post on Miniature Wargaming tried again and hey it works.
    So act like a zombie, keep pushing forward and try again.
    Eventualy you will break through that impregnable barrier!!!

  6. I Always find the safest way to download a file is to Right Click and go to Save As. For some reason it seems to reduce the amount of corrupt file issues I get. Also using Firefox and Foxit reader.