Sunday 20 March 2011

Strange things are afoot at THW

I'm taking a break from hardcore NUTS to push ahead with a currently nameless yet official NUTS Weird Science book that should be available this Summer. The book will be a combination of the real fantastic tech of WW2, heavy metal monsters like our friends of the E-series German tanks and the mighty Maus tank, along with Weird Science goodness like panzermechs, rayguns, jetpacks and more. This book won't have occult rules in it, but the real and imaged tech of the War is weird enough. There will also be several scenarios -- real and pure imagination. "Skorzeny's Rescue," for example, will pit German kommandos against Mussolini's jailors in what almost was the world's first helicopter assault landing; "On the Road to Penemunde" pits the Maus and X-7 ATGM teams against Soviet attackers. I may create rules for gas attacks -- but that's pretty nasty even for NUTS Weird Science.

Requests and suggestions are welcome!


  1. Check with Ed. I just sent him rules for chemical warfare.

    Mike Reese

  2. Thanks, Mike! That will be a big help!

  3. Good idea, I am looking forward to it. A bit of fantastic (monsters, zombies, Cthulhu mythos, etc.) would be great too.