Sunday 17 May 2015

Morale Napoleon Campaign Morale

Here's a look at how the Campaign Morale works.

12.7 After Each Battle

After each Battle you will have been a success or a failure. Let's see how your success or failure affects the Campaign Morales of all factions that were involved in the Encounter.  Here's how we do it:
·        Consult the Campaign Morale Effects Table.
·        Each side starts with 2d6.
·        If they clearly won the battle, they will add 1d6.
·        Each side rolls their modified total d6 versus their current respective Campaign Morale.
·        Any score of a "6" is always a failure.
·        Determine how many d6 each side passed.
·        Go down the Left-hand column to the appropriate row and across to see the results.
·        Immediately make the necessary adjustments.

12.7 Campaign Morale Effects

2              Campaign Morale Effects 
(Taken versus Campaign Morale)
A result of "6" is always a failure
Last Encounter was a success

# d6
2 or more than opponent
Your Morale increased by one.
Enemy Morale reduced by one.
1 more than opponent
Enemy Morale reduced by one.
Same number as opponent
No changes to you or the enemy.
1 less than opponent
Your Morale reduced by one.
2 or more less than opponent
Enemy Morale increased by one.
Your Morale reduced by one.

Example – I am playing the French and have won the battle. I roll 3d6 versus my current Campaign Morale of 5 and score a 4, 6 and 6! This means I passed 1d6.
The British roll 2d6 versus their Campaign Morale of 3 and score a 1 and 2. This means they passed 2d6.
Looking on the Campaign Morale Effects Table, under “1 less than opponent” I see that my morale goes down 1 point to 4. The British were extremely lucky!

Saturday 16 May 2015

Porta-ball - Fantasy Football minis

These are 15mm figures, four complete teams and mat field. Playable with a variety of rules. I'll never paint them so would like to sell them,

It's a $70 pledge. 64 figures.

Looking for $45 includes US shipping.

If interested contact me at

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Morale Napoleon - AAR - French vs. Russians

This is a solo AAR using 1 Infantry Division and 1 Cavalry Brigade on each side. Going into the game that's the only info I have.

Campaign Morale is assigned by the nation and year. I decide to play a 1812 campaign and both have a Campaign Morale of 4. Campaign Morale is tied into how well you do, going up if you win, down if you lose. Using Campaign Morale does the campaign bookkeeping, allowing me to concentrate on the actual games.

I decide to play a Stand Up Fight.  I deploy my units and roll for the Russian set up. Here's a picture of the 1st turn. I decided to form up in one infantry body so as to advance together. 

Rolling for the Russian deployment as the defender I was surprised as they rolled very high. This meant they would be attacking! This was totally unexpected and would prove to put be at a early disadvantage - due to what would prove to be an error in my deployment. 

I had deployed my cavalry brigade to the rear of my infantry. When the Russians unexpectedly moved forward, their cavalry forced one of my infantry brigades into square. Without cavalry to intervene this took the brigade out of my main assault.

 Outnumbered 4 to 3 at the point of attack my brigades went in. The 1st contact resulted in one of my brigades going unformed - a penalty in the next melee.

On the other side my cavalry got into the fight, with a regiment of Russian Uhlans getting the best of my Chasseurs. Luckily I had held a regiment in reserve.

 Meanwhile, things were going badly in the center as well. One of my brigades routing off.
My 3rd brigade went into the attack, suffering small arms fire and artillery fire as they closed to contact.

 Not having stomach for the fight, the brigade turned and fled which ...
 Allowed the Russians to swing like a gate onto the flank of the 2nd brigade that was in combat to its front.

 When  playing solo or same side against the game mechanics, you roll on the Non-Player Force Movement Table. Based on circumstances and leadership ability of the Non-Player, the units will move/act based on a dice roll. This eliminates the need for the player to "make the best decision" for the enemy.

In this case the flank attack swept my infantry away. Things were looking bad.

Look for Part Two - The Russian Counterattack!

Tuesday 12 May 2015

All Things Zombie Reloaded - Why I Will Be using it for Minis as well

As of this posting the Reloaded board game is still taking pre-orders. Save $10 off the regular price. Get it while you can!

The counters for ATZ Reloaded are almost done and David should be shipping by month's end. He's  not charging the cards until he's ready to ship and the whole game is made in  the USA. It took a while to get all the ducks lined up in a row but future games will now produce and ship much faster.
Now let me explain why I will be using Reloaded for my ATZ miniatures games as well as using it as a board game.
ATZ Reloaded is also a great way to get non-minis gamers into the minis game.
I like using minis for ATZ for the visual appeal and freedom of moving where I want as opposed to over hexes. I like the 3D terrain and all that goes with it. The things I don't like about it, referring to the rules, tables, etc. can now we fixed with Reloaded. Here's how:

 I can use the maps with my 15mm and 28mm figures. Here's all 6 maps found in the game laid out on a card table. The minis fit perfectly in the hex. Figures in adjacent hexes move with the leader at the same time. 
I use the ATZ Final Fade Out Rules but adapt the Reloaded components for ease of play.

The character cards are brilliant. I use 1 card per character and use the counters to designate what they have in their hands and in their "gear". This reduces bookkeeping and there's a counter in Reloaded for every item/weapon in the minis rules.

 The Event Cards are used as well. This replaces PEFs and has information on it that eliminates 3-5 dice rolls. When the activation dice come up doubles a Event Card is drawn. It tells me:
* What I have met, if anything.
* What Class they are.
* What they are armed with.
* How difficult it is to enter the different types of buildings.
* What I have found for loot .
* What, if anything,  the NPCs have for Bartering.
* All this info is tripled on the card as it can be different for Urban, Suburban and Rural areas.
One card does it all.
The tables used in ATZ are reproduced in high quality card stock. No need to refer back to the book or make copies.

Now I'll show you how the game plays. I'm using Reloaded movement and ranges - roughly 1 hex equals 2". But when I play with my terrain normal distances are used. In this picture my group has entered the  board and flipping 1 card per person tells me how many zeds are generated.

More to follow.
Oh, one more thing. David and I are discussing how to make the counters and cards available for purchase for those that want to upgrade their minis games without having to buy the whole game. 

Monday 11 May 2015

Morale Napoleon - Movement and Ranges

Here's more info on movement and ranges in Morale Napoleon - 1" = 100 yards, give or take.

7.0.2 Movement

2                                              Movement
                                                     (Read the result as rolled)

Artillery– Fired or will fire this turn.
May not move
Division Commander or Higher – If within 3” and LOS.
Facing and Formation If changed facing and formation this turn. 
May not move.
Facing or Formation If changed facing and formation this turn. 
Unformed – If unit is Unformed.
May not move.

Infantry and Cavalry

Heavy Cavalry
Light Cavalry
Straight ahead
Higher d6.
Higher d6.
Both d6.
Higher d6.
Lower d6.
Higher d6.
Sideways (1)
or diagonally
Lower d6.
Lower d6.
Higher d6.
(1) Includes infantry in square.


Foot Artillery
Horse Artillery
Straight ahead
Higher d6.
Both d6.
Higher d6.
Higher d6.
Sideways or diagonally
Lower d6.
Higher d6.

7.0.1 Ways to Move


Interpenetration is when one unit moves through another. Here’s how we do it:
·        A unit must have enough movement to move completely through the stationary unit. If it does not it will stop 1” short of contacting the stationary unit.


Cavalry units may be required to pursue routed 4”, Unformed.

Fall Back

Cavalry units may be required to fall back 6”, Unformed. 


Infantry units may be required to rout 6”, Unformed. Cavalry units may be required to rout 12” Unformed.
On the following turn they are removed.


After forfeiting one turn of activation, the Unformed unit can reform when next active. Here’s how we do it:
·        Turn 1 – Go Unformed.
·        Turn 2 – Remain Unformed.
·        Turn 3 – From into line and move if desired.

8.3.2 Artillery Ranges

X                        Artillery Ranges
    (Based on the weight of the shot fired by the gun)
Pound Gun
2, 3, 4, 6 pound or British 9 pound gun.
8 pound or British 12 pound gun. 
12 pound or higher guns.
Congreve Rockets.

9.2 Forming Square

Infantry can form square in one of two ways:
1 – When active – this will modify its active movement.
2 – When inactive and charged by cavalry:
·        Determine the full movement allowed for the charging cavalry unit.
·        If the distance traveled by the cavalry is half or less than the full allowable move, the infantry will count as being Unformed.

Sunday 10 May 2015

Morale Napoleon - What is your role?

Are you a Brigadier, Division Commander, Corp Commander or Army Commander?

It's important to choose the right game for which role you want to play. For example, if you want to play at Brigade level, then Muskets and Shakos is a good choice. But play a Division or more? Not really.

In Morale Napoleon you are a Corp Commander or Army Commander when playing multiple Corps. But what exactly does that mean? The duty of a Brigadier is very different than that of the Army Commander, and the rules you use should reflect that. Here's some examples of what we're talking about.

Hope this helps and look for more about Morale Napoleon in  the next few days.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

All Things Zombie Reloaded - Now's the time...

to save $$ on the pre-order.
David is in Denver CO and the counters are being made today! Now all LnL games (including THW board games) will be produced completely in Colorado. No waiting for Chinese shipping, etc.
So if you want to save a few bucks, order now!

FYI - This is the way I'll be playing ATZ with minis becasue of the ease of play with the Event Cards, Character Cards, and Item counters that eliminate book keeping.  I'll try and get a game play posted tomorrow.