Sunday 17 May 2015

Morale Napoleon Campaign Morale

Here's a look at how the Campaign Morale works.

12.7 After Each Battle

After each Battle you will have been a success or a failure. Let's see how your success or failure affects the Campaign Morales of all factions that were involved in the Encounter.  Here's how we do it:
·        Consult the Campaign Morale Effects Table.
·        Each side starts with 2d6.
·        If they clearly won the battle, they will add 1d6.
·        Each side rolls their modified total d6 versus their current respective Campaign Morale.
·        Any score of a "6" is always a failure.
·        Determine how many d6 each side passed.
·        Go down the Left-hand column to the appropriate row and across to see the results.
·        Immediately make the necessary adjustments.

12.7 Campaign Morale Effects

2              Campaign Morale Effects 
(Taken versus Campaign Morale)
A result of "6" is always a failure
Last Encounter was a success

# d6
2 or more than opponent
Your Morale increased by one.
Enemy Morale reduced by one.
1 more than opponent
Enemy Morale reduced by one.
Same number as opponent
No changes to you or the enemy.
1 less than opponent
Your Morale reduced by one.
2 or more less than opponent
Enemy Morale increased by one.
Your Morale reduced by one.

Example – I am playing the French and have won the battle. I roll 3d6 versus my current Campaign Morale of 5 and score a 4, 6 and 6! This means I passed 1d6.
The British roll 2d6 versus their Campaign Morale of 3 and score a 1 and 2. This means they passed 2d6.
Looking on the Campaign Morale Effects Table, under “1 less than opponent” I see that my morale goes down 1 point to 4. The British were extremely lucky!

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  1. Splendid! I am just in the process of basing 6mm figures. This should be just the thing!