Tuesday 12 May 2015

All Things Zombie Reloaded - Why I Will Be using it for Minis as well

As of this posting the Reloaded board game is still taking pre-orders. Save $10 off the regular price. Get it while you can!

The counters for ATZ Reloaded are almost done and David should be shipping by month's end. He's  not charging the cards until he's ready to ship and the whole game is made in  the USA. It took a while to get all the ducks lined up in a row but future games will now produce and ship much faster.
Now let me explain why I will be using Reloaded for my ATZ miniatures games as well as using it as a board game.
ATZ Reloaded is also a great way to get non-minis gamers into the minis game.
I like using minis for ATZ for the visual appeal and freedom of moving where I want as opposed to over hexes. I like the 3D terrain and all that goes with it. The things I don't like about it, referring to the rules, tables, etc. can now we fixed with Reloaded. Here's how:

 I can use the maps with my 15mm and 28mm figures. Here's all 6 maps found in the game laid out on a card table. The minis fit perfectly in the hex. Figures in adjacent hexes move with the leader at the same time. 
I use the ATZ Final Fade Out Rules but adapt the Reloaded components for ease of play.

The character cards are brilliant. I use 1 card per character and use the counters to designate what they have in their hands and in their "gear". This reduces bookkeeping and there's a counter in Reloaded for every item/weapon in the minis rules.

 The Event Cards are used as well. This replaces PEFs and has information on it that eliminates 3-5 dice rolls. When the activation dice come up doubles a Event Card is drawn. It tells me:
* What I have met, if anything.
* What Class they are.
* What they are armed with.
* How difficult it is to enter the different types of buildings.
* What I have found for loot .
* What, if anything,  the NPCs have for Bartering.
* All this info is tripled on the card as it can be different for Urban, Suburban and Rural areas.
One card does it all.
The tables used in ATZ are reproduced in high quality card stock. No need to refer back to the book or make copies.

Now I'll show you how the game plays. I'm using Reloaded movement and ranges - roughly 1 hex equals 2". But when I play with my terrain normal distances are used. In this picture my group has entered the  board and flipping 1 card per person tells me how many zeds are generated.

More to follow.
Oh, one more thing. David and I are discussing how to make the counters and cards available for purchase for those that want to upgrade their minis games without having to buy the whole game. 


  1. Great idea. I want to try it. Does the board game allow for or can it be adjusted to allow for the first out break, the panic and then later on?

  2. Yes it can. I'll be posting how to's on the forum and here when the game comes out. Also, if you have any mini game supplements, they can be tweaked to fit.

    1. Thanks Ed. I really want this game. I think its a brilliant idea.

  3. Hi Ed,
    did you write up something about cooperating ATZ:Reloaded with Evolution?!

    1. No sir. Easy to do. I'd play Reloaded using Evolution rules myself. When they come Into Sight on the Reloaded map just use the Action Table instead and all the other Evolution rules.