Wednesday 13 May 2015

Morale Napoleon - AAR - French vs. Russians

This is a solo AAR using 1 Infantry Division and 1 Cavalry Brigade on each side. Going into the game that's the only info I have.

Campaign Morale is assigned by the nation and year. I decide to play a 1812 campaign and both have a Campaign Morale of 4. Campaign Morale is tied into how well you do, going up if you win, down if you lose. Using Campaign Morale does the campaign bookkeeping, allowing me to concentrate on the actual games.

I decide to play a Stand Up Fight.  I deploy my units and roll for the Russian set up. Here's a picture of the 1st turn. I decided to form up in one infantry body so as to advance together. 

Rolling for the Russian deployment as the defender I was surprised as they rolled very high. This meant they would be attacking! This was totally unexpected and would prove to put be at a early disadvantage - due to what would prove to be an error in my deployment. 

I had deployed my cavalry brigade to the rear of my infantry. When the Russians unexpectedly moved forward, their cavalry forced one of my infantry brigades into square. Without cavalry to intervene this took the brigade out of my main assault.

 Outnumbered 4 to 3 at the point of attack my brigades went in. The 1st contact resulted in one of my brigades going unformed - a penalty in the next melee.

On the other side my cavalry got into the fight, with a regiment of Russian Uhlans getting the best of my Chasseurs. Luckily I had held a regiment in reserve.

 Meanwhile, things were going badly in the center as well. One of my brigades routing off.
My 3rd brigade went into the attack, suffering small arms fire and artillery fire as they closed to contact.

 Not having stomach for the fight, the brigade turned and fled which ...
 Allowed the Russians to swing like a gate onto the flank of the 2nd brigade that was in combat to its front.

 When  playing solo or same side against the game mechanics, you roll on the Non-Player Force Movement Table. Based on circumstances and leadership ability of the Non-Player, the units will move/act based on a dice roll. This eliminates the need for the player to "make the best decision" for the enemy.

In this case the flank attack swept my infantry away. Things were looking bad.

Look for Part Two - The Russian Counterattack!


  1. Is deployment always that close as it doesn't appear to leave much room to manoeuvre before initial contact is made?

  2. Interesting game! I can't see why this game couldn't be used for the 18th century as well.

  3. Looks Great!

    @David I agree AWI is calling and I might stretch it forward to ACW.