Monday 31 August 2015

Monkey Boy versus Hishen - 6 Fighter Fringe Space AAR

Tweaking the rules a bit still but coming along nicely. Great way to have a space combat game with little set up and actual measuring distances.

Sunday 30 August 2015

Being Billy Pink - 5150 Fringe Space Space Ship Combat AAR

Here's an AAR of a 3 on 1 space combat where 3 Hishen Fighters get the drop on 1 Star Navy Fighter. Although outnumbered, the Navy Fighter isn't outclassed as it's piloted by Rep 5 Star William "Billy" Pink.
For those familiar with Billy Pink, chronologically this occurs  6 years ago, when Billy was still in the Star Navy.

5150 Fringe Space lets players use all the Attributes found in 5150 Urban Renewal and Fighter Command. Billy has Stone Cold for a +1d6 while the Hishen are Rep 3 with Slow to React -1d6.
All count as Military so the auto success each receives will cancel each other out.

 1st time on the Maneuver Table where the ships try to get into position to Dog Fight. Rolling for successes, Billy wins 7 to 5, 4, and 2. Billy jumps the Fighter with 2 successes giving him a +5d6 Advantage on the Dog Fight Table. The other two losing Hishen Fighters are left on the Maneuver Table - in effect out of the dogfight until Billy returns to the Maneuver Table.

 Billy wins on the Dogfight Table and has the Advantage as they go to the taking Control Table. Billy wins there and can fire. Scratch one Fighter.

Both Hishen Fighters pass the Continue On Test for seeing their friend get destroyed. Back to the Maneuver Table where all roll looking for successes. One  Hishen Fighter wins while the other ties. Winner advances to the Dogfight Table with a +1d6 Advantage. The other Hishen returns to the Maneuver Table. If it had won, it would have moved to the Dogfight Table as well.

The Hishen wins on the Dogfight and counts the Advantage on the Taking Control Table. If it wins there it will be able to fire scoring at least 1 hit - enough to destroy the Navy Fighter!

 Billy can't take any chances and burns 5 Bonus Dice, enough to tie and force the fight back to the Dogfight Table.

While the other Hishen Fighter is still on the Maneuver Table - essentially out of the Dogfight at this moment - the Hishen burns the last of its Bonus Dice and wins on the Dogfight Table again!

 Billy burns the last of his Bonus Dice and they return to the Dogfight Table for a 3rd time! Note that the player (Billy) has to declare how many Bonus Dice he will use before rolling for the NPC.

Billy narrowly wins and we go to the Taking Control Table where he wins there too! Fire! The 2nd Hishen Fighter is destroyed.

Billy returns to the Maneuver Table and regains some Bonus Dice. But the remaining Fighter must take a Continue On Test for seeing another Fighter get destroyed.

Failing the test, the Hishen Fighter Breaks Off, ending the fight.

Holy crap! I thought the 3:1 odds would make it balanced, but I didn't realize that the Rep 3 would force Billy to burn all of his Bonus Dice. If the 2nd Fighter would have won on the Maneuver Table and double teamed Bill on the Dogfight Table, things could have went differently.

Saturday 29 August 2015

5150 Fringe Space AAR - High Risk Trading

5150 Fringe Space is a stand alone game that can be used with 5150 Urban Renewal.  Where Urban Renewal is centered on the planet of New Hope, Fringe Space let's your character travel through space. More planets to visit means more job opportunities for Merchants, Traders, Smugglers, and yes, even Pirates. 

 But traveling through space presents its own challenges game wise. After consulting with the author (Joey) and editor (John) we decided to include a simple space combat game within a game. Based on the mechanics found in Friday Night Fights and By Savvy and Steel (for Dueling), players move from table to table until a conclusion is reached. It can play fast when there is a mismatch in ships or it can move through multiple turns if the players are competent, use their Bonus Dice well, and the ships evenly matched. Battles last from 5 to 15 minutes and there are rules for Boarding Actions as well.

Want more detail? Then try 5150 Star Navy, Fighter Command, or Carrier Commander. Want to move your story with an easy to use combat system? That's this one.

Saturday 22 August 2015

All Things Zombie - Survivor - Card Game AAR

Here’s a narrative of the upcoming All Things Zombie – Survivor.  It’s a card game version of All Things Zombie that can be played with the Survivor Deck and some six-sided dice – no minis or terrain needed.  Players of ATZ will be familiar with many of the mechanics used in Survivor, while newcomers will be able to pick the game up after a couple of turns. We’re shooting for a family game that is fun and challenging for all ages yet offers extreme re-playability. ATZ – Survivor can be played as a one-off game or as an ongoing campaign where the result of one game influences the next. Our story begins in a small rural town…
Deanna eyed the building – Downtown Medical. She hadn’t seen any movement since she got into town, but she wasn’t taking any chances. “Yeah, it’s a town out in the sticks,” she thought. “But it could still be dangerous, what with all those banjo players.”
Drawing her Big A$$ Pistol she slowly crossed the street and reached the front door. It was open; she walked in and …
George watched as the girl crossed the street and headed towards the building. He could tell from her turned backwards baseball cap and hoody that she wasn’t from around here.  “Just one of those city-folk”, he thought. “They couldn’t wait to come out here once things got crazy.” George readied his Assault Rifle.
Deanna met George in the drugstore on the 1st floor.  She heard George before she saw him.
Just be calm now, little lady” George said matter of factually. “I don’t want no trouble.”
Deanna lowered her pistol and replied “No trouble here, buddy. My name’s Deanna.” Deanna learned early to get your name out ASAP. When people put a name to the face it can take the edge off.
“George. My name’s George,” he replied. “I was just on my way out.”
“Nice to meet you George,” Deanna said with a smile. She watched as George walked by and out the door. You’d think that with the world upside down people would band together, but she found out that wasn’t true. Either you “clicked” or you didn’t.
Maria watched George and Deanna from the stairwell. She had planned to whack George as he was ready to leave, but that’s when Deanna walked in. Maria was from the city too and Deanna was the type of girl that she would have hated on sight. Maria smiled as she retreated upstairs.
The downstairs floor was pretty much picked through. Deanna couldn’t find anything worth taking; well nothing major. She started up the stairs and saw the barrel of the shotgun before she saw the shooter. She dove to the right as Maria fired. “Always dive to the right, T-Bone had said,” she remembered. “Most people are right handed and have a hard time going to their left.”
Deanna landed on one knee and fired. Maria fell backwards out of sight. Deanna was up the stairs in a flash, but there was no hurry. Maria had taken a bullet and was out of it. Deanna searched her quickly for more weapons and kicked the shotgun away.
Minutes later Deanna walked out the front door back onto the street, her back pack heavier from the food she had found. The Twinkie she was eating tasted real good.
That’s when she saw Steve and Carl.

So what happened game wise?
Survivor consists of a 54 card deck divided into 3 types:
·        Character Cards – Both Humans and Zombies.
·        Building Cards – Represents the buildings that players can explore.
·        Event Cards – They tell you who or what you have run into, how many of them, and what you may or may not have found when searching the building or street.

Turn One

I start the game with one character – Deanna. Each card has the basic info – weapon, to hit numbers, Reputation and Attribute. Deanna gets a +1d6 bonus when taking the In Sight Test. She’s exploring a rural area so can enter 3 Buildings.

Deanna starts on the street and enters a building. I flip the 1st Building card – Downtown Medical – 2 floors. Deanna enters and an Event Card is flipped.
Looking on the right-hand green circle we see 1 human. I draw a Character Card and its George. Rep 4 AR Marksman – rolls 2d6 when shooting one shot, taking the best result.
I roll 1d6 after placing George down and score a 4 – Deanna is moving when they meet. This is important as it’s harder to hit when you’re moving.
I roll for Friends or Foes. George isn’t an enemy to start but they have to Talk the Talk. Both characters roll d6 and score a tie – they exchange pleasantries but little else. Also Deanna can’t search.

Turn Two

Deanna goes up the stairs to the 2nd floor. I draw an Event Card; another Human – Maria. This time she’s moving. Dice are rolled for Friends or Foes. She’s an enemy and In Sight is rolled. Maria wins!
Maris rolls 3d6 for the Shotgun and scores a 1, 2, and 2 – three misses. Deanna takes the Received Fire Test, passes 2d6 and returns fire. She has a BAP and rolls 2d6 – 1 and 5 – one hit!
Rolling for damage she scores a 4 – Maria is Out of the Fight. I draw an Event Card to see if Maria had anything useful but scored nothing. Deanna searches and finds one Food.

Turn Three

Deanna goes back downstairs, and an Event Card is drawn. Could run into something, but can’t search as she’s been there before.

Turn Four

Deanna heads outside and an Event Card is drawn. Yikes! Two more Humans – see the card below. Draw two Character Cards and its Steve (Rep 5) and Carl (Rep 3).

Pare Two Later

Tuesday 11 August 2015

News of the Day

Working on and waiting on ...

5150 No Quarter - Mechs.
High Moon - Dead Reckoning - Wild West Horror.
Chain Reaction 2015
Swordplay 2015

All should be out by next the end of the month.