Monday 31 August 2015

Monkey Boy versus Hishen - 6 Fighter Fringe Space AAR

Tweaking the rules a bit still but coming along nicely. Great way to have a space combat game with little set up and actual measuring distances.


  1. One thing that we're not seeing a lot of in the examples that we've been presented is the decision-making process, or exactly where human intervention comes in to make the game "a game." We have seen Billy Pink burn some Bonus die, but that's about it.

    The other thing we haven't seen as any sort of differentiation between types or scales of ship, or even what they're armed with, which probably should make some sort of difference in the course of gameplay.

    Ultimately, we need to have some presentation where player decision and agency makes a difference to the outcome.

  2. Alexander, If you read the free CR2015 rules, it talks you can see how human intervention makes it a game. You put your team in position to make things happen, and they react accordingly, sometimes the way you want, sometimes not...

  3. Woops, forgot to hit "notify me"

  4. I am with Alexander on this. It seems that this mechanics is closer to RSBS than to CR2015.

    1. Yep, right now I want to work the rules a bit more to get the human factor in. Nice observation - the rules are based on the Friday Night Fights and By Savvy and Steel Dueling mechanics.

      More soon.