Saturday 29 August 2015

5150 Fringe Space AAR - High Risk Trading

5150 Fringe Space is a stand alone game that can be used with 5150 Urban Renewal.  Where Urban Renewal is centered on the planet of New Hope, Fringe Space let's your character travel through space. More planets to visit means more job opportunities for Merchants, Traders, Smugglers, and yes, even Pirates. 

 But traveling through space presents its own challenges game wise. After consulting with the author (Joey) and editor (John) we decided to include a simple space combat game within a game. Based on the mechanics found in Friday Night Fights and By Savvy and Steel (for Dueling), players move from table to table until a conclusion is reached. It can play fast when there is a mismatch in ships or it can move through multiple turns if the players are competent, use their Bonus Dice well, and the ships evenly matched. Battles last from 5 to 15 minutes and there are rules for Boarding Actions as well.

Want more detail? Then try 5150 Star Navy, Fighter Command, or Carrier Commander. Want to move your story with an easy to use combat system? That's this one.

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