Monday 7 December 2020

15mm Star Army Figures now on Sale!


Warrior Bugs, Star Army/Star Marine, Hishen and Grath now on sale. Perfect for 5150 Star Army and other Sci-Fi rules.

15mm Star Army Figures

Monday 23 November 2020

Friday 30 October 2020

NUTS 4th Edition Updates

 If you bought NUTS 4th Edition before November this year, follow the link to updates that will work with NUTS only. Allows you to play two additional ways.

Thursday 1 October 2020

In Honor of 2020 - Apocalypse Now! ATZ and ATH at One Low Price!


When's the Apocalypse? Now!

This month only you can get the Origins Award Winning All Things Zombie and the Post Apocalypse After the Horsemen for one low price. Between these two books we have the Apocalypse covered!

Whether it's zombies, gangers, survivors, aliens, lab experiments gone can have it all!

Apocalypse Now!

Saturday 26 September 2020

Dead Heat? The Dead Rises.

 Some of you may remember Dead Heat. The Zombie Racing Game that came out ten years ago. Ten years ago! Yeah, I know. I've been giving it an update, new rules, and more. Here's a sample.

Friday 18 September 2020

5150 Gaea Prime 1st Defense - Bat Rep - It's not only the Hishen!


As you can see it's very important to win the In Sight Test. The GP had their chance but flubbed it. FYI - I played without a Star, which made a difference for the GP force, as their Leader went down on the first fire.
Gaea Prime 1st Defense - get it here.

Tuesday 8 September 2020

5150 Gaea Prime - First Defence, crushing the Hishen.


After winning the last mission the next one is attack once again. The newly researched and produced Battle Tactical Armors (BTA) have arrived to the base but only enough to equip one squad. As 1st squad was below numbers I chose 3rd squad with Sgt. Gorman Rep 6 (section 7) leading them as my Star wasn't going to be present (he's attached to 1st squad). All BTA are equipped with Grath Assault Rifle (GAR) and the specialist in the section leaded by the corporal (section 8) carries a Plasma Gun.

As usual I divided the table into nine sections and then rolled for generating terrain and deploying the three starting PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces). And finally started the game rolling for activation.

Turn 1. Gaea Prime 2 - Hishen 1.I

I moved both sections forward. Then the Hishen activated. One PEF didn't move, another was a false alarm, and the third one turned into a spaceship crew armed with Parak Pistols. Hishen won the Reaction Test and shot first, killing the specialist and forcing the corporal to take cover (Duck Back).

Turn 2. GP 2 - Hishen 2.

I scored doubles and then checked for Third Parties. A Kabasu appeared! No one was in sight so there weren't any reactions or shooting.

Turn 3. GP 2 - Hishen 6 - Kabasu 4.

The Hishen spaceship crew shot at the Kabasu and he first returned fire and killed one...

and then, after receiving more firing from the building, the Kabasu blinked and warped to a different place.

Now Star Army activated and the section leaded by Gorman advanced through the woods and opened fire on the Hishen in the building. The Hishen panicked and all Hunkered Down except one who left the battlefield.

One grunt from the sergeant section shot down the Kabasu!

On the hill on section 5 Corporal rallied a suppressed grunt from his section.

Turn 4. GP 3 - Hishen 6.

Gorman's section stormed the building thinking there would be some Hishen hiding there but it was just a case of nerves.

And the corporal and the rallied grunt assaulted the other building and captured the surviving Hishen.

 After the mission.

Well, the Hishen with their Morale Campaign 1 didn't have many opportunities to bring squads to the fight and only could have a puny spaceship crew. Besides, they scored high on activation and couldn't activate much. So it was a walk in park for the the Star Army in their new BTA.

As usual, I rolled for replacements and 1st squad was again up to paper strength. 3rd squad also received a replacement for the KIA. I forgot to roll for Rep advancements but I'll do it before the next mission.

Bringing a new alien specie to ASI (the Kabasu) granted me an extra die roll in the R&R table so I easily researched the field "Hishen Command Ship" that would allow me to board the Hishen command ship in space and thus successfully end the campaign!

See you soon.

Thursday 3 September 2020

Larger Than Life Meets Quarters - Our Quarter Horse Racing Game

FYI - Both are stand alone games - one Pulp Adventures and one Quarter Horse Racing. 

Quarters includes 50 Horses with Races from 250 to 440 yards. Betting tables for straight up bets - Win, Place or Show - Daily Double and Exacta. Races use Non-Player Jockeys and allow for players to ride the horses deciding when and how to use Bonus d6.