Saturday 31 May 2014

Step by Step NUTS Final Version - Infantry and Tanks

This is an AAR with a German squad and one Pz IV tank. The Mission is a Patrol where the Germans are to reach the opposite end of the table and spend one turn of Activation within 6" of each edge, in each section.
Once that's done they need to exit from the edge they entered.

Enemy Investment Level is high (4) so they can expect company. The key points are I'm playing the German side and do not know what, if anything, I can run into.

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Thursday 29 May 2014

Ten Tank NUTS Final Version AAR - Step by Step

Bat Rep of ten tank battle using the upcoming NUTS - Final Version. Highlights.

Germans start with a platoon with 4 tanks. The Russian forces are not known before the game. Using the Possible Enemy Force system and Russian Campaign Investment Level determines how many, if any, and what type. I'm choosing to play tank battle so all reinforcements and enemies will be vehicles.

Wednesday 28 May 2014

NUTS! - Final Version - Step-By-Step Tank Mission AAR

One of the options in the upcoming NUTS - Final Edition is to play one or more vehicles instead of infantry squads. In a vehicle, each crew member has a role to play in the game. I decided on a Tiger 1 and had to roll the Rep, Attributes, etc. for each crew member. This took about ten minutes. Hopefully it wasn't a waste of time. I knew that at least Albert, the Tank Commander and my Star, would be alive, even if the Tiger was knocked out.

I took little solace in the fact that if he had to bail out, there are smaller Chocolate & Cigarette Missions. Worse case is Albert having to make it back to safety with his SMG and two packs of Cigarettes. Each crew member had from 2 to 4 Attributes. The main one was Quick Reflexes (I had one choice as the rest were rolled at random) . This allowed Albert to take In Sights (his primary job) at a +1d6.

The Tiger 1 was to enter the table on the 7,8, 9 edge and exit the opposite edge. Russian Campaign Morale was high (5) and their Investment Level good (4). German Morale wasn't very good (2) nor was it's Investment Level (2). There was little chance of the Tiger receiving help. The Tiger entered the table and the game was on!

BTW - the game was played with paper tanks mounted on clips. I then superimposed the actual cutouts over the clipped one. Tanks are in the mail!

Sunday 25 May 2014

Step by Step Demo of the upcoming NUTS! - Final Version.

Here's a step by step demo breaking down the action into examples of play, dice rolling, etc. It's an American four-man Fire Team on a night patrol. For ease of play all of the figures are Rep 4.

All the info are on the pictures, so just click one and get started. Thanks!