Wednesday, 28 May 2014

NUTS! - Final Version - Step-By-Step Tank Mission AAR

One of the options in the upcoming NUTS - Final Edition is to play one or more vehicles instead of infantry squads. In a vehicle, each crew member has a role to play in the game. I decided on a Tiger 1 and had to roll the Rep, Attributes, etc. for each crew member. This took about ten minutes. Hopefully it wasn't a waste of time. I knew that at least Albert, the Tank Commander and my Star, would be alive, even if the Tiger was knocked out.

I took little solace in the fact that if he had to bail out, there are smaller Chocolate & Cigarette Missions. Worse case is Albert having to make it back to safety with his SMG and two packs of Cigarettes. Each crew member had from 2 to 4 Attributes. The main one was Quick Reflexes (I had one choice as the rest were rolled at random) . This allowed Albert to take In Sights (his primary job) at a +1d6.

The Tiger 1 was to enter the table on the 7,8, 9 edge and exit the opposite edge. Russian Campaign Morale was high (5) and their Investment Level good (4). German Morale wasn't very good (2) nor was it's Investment Level (2). There was little chance of the Tiger receiving help. The Tiger entered the table and the game was on!

BTW - the game was played with paper tanks mounted on clips. I then superimposed the actual cutouts over the clipped one. Tanks are in the mail!


  1. Nice AAR! Honestly, regular WWII is not my thing (at least at this moment), but this edition of NUTS sounds really good. Will there be rules/mechanics for large unit actions, like those in Battalion Commander?

  2. I agree, this version looks so fun I'd consider trying to use it for more modern settings. That shouldn't be too hard, right? I'm also curious about large unit actions.

  3. All the entries so far have included PEFs. Is this just because you're playing solo? Or, are PEFs also included in two player games?

  4. ken - Yes, there's a Big Battle NUTS already in the works.

    Scott - Yep, easy to convert to modern.

    Itinerant - PEFs are used in head to head and one side uses them, as well but you load them ahead of time. So if you were playing a platoon of three squads you could designate which PEF was what. Maybe all three have a squad or two are blanks and one has the platoon. The PEFs still move using the Movement Table. This makes placement of the PEFs critical.

    Or, it you decide, you can play head to head without them. Both sides get them and load them like above. Just use them for set up and move them like units. When thet come into LOS replace them with figures.

  5. Time to dust off my micro-armour, I think...


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