Tuesday 22 January 2019

5150: Bugs - Breakout Part 5

Part 4

After the debacle with the Militia, the Star Marines are allowed to enter New Hope City.

 Although it was an easy Encounter three things stuck out.  One, the Exo-Armor Attribute Resilient saved one Marine, there were 3 Rep 5 Marines, and there were only 3 PEFs to resolve. Just saying...

Tuesday 15 January 2019

5150 Bugs Outbreak - Call in the Militia!

Part 3

“You have a choice of course,” the Gaea Prime Diplomat said semi-insincerely. “If you want our aid, give us the rights to build an orbital Space Station, solely under our control, over
New Hope.”

“That violates the Halverson Accord,” the City Mayor said. “Perhaps there’s an alternative?”

“Yes, yes there is,” the Diplomat replied. “You can all die from the Bugs; your choice.”

The City Mayor shook his head. and replied "We'll mobilize the Planetary Militia first. They'll handle it."

"Do what you want, just know it's your neck the people of New Hope will want when you fail."

Two days later, the City Mayor's body was found on the streets of  the Downtown Area, dead from a "self-inflicted wound". Next day, the first elements of Gaea Prime Star Marines landed in NHC.

Sunday 13 January 2019

5150 Bugs Outbreak - Part 3

Bugs AAR Part Two

The Bugs are out and about and that means that from now on, Civilians could be Bug Brained! These battered persons have a wild and crazed look. They are crazy and are unpredictable,
but will always behave aggressively. This could be a fierce charge into melee or  a stunning mental blast.

Part 4

Thursday 3 January 2019

FNG Update - Hard Cover and in Color - Have pics?

Complete FNG is going to be a hardcover full color book. Looking for any color pictures of your Vietnam games and minis. Even those from other rules sets. Let me know at


Thanks, Ed

BTW - You'll get credit for pics and maybe more.