Friday 25 March 2016

New Hope City - 5150 Adventures without terrain?

What are 5150 City Tiles?

It’s a set of 9 double-sided cardboard tiles that has 72 buildings and over 200 potential NPC interactions for your New Beginnings, Urban Renewal, or Fringe Space games.

Why Use 5150 City Tiles?

When adventuring in New Hope City the locales can change pretty quickly. Using the tiles allows for you to move about the city without having to set up terrain for each game. This lets you spend more time gaming and less time setting up terrain.

The tiles don't represent all of the buildings on the city block, but instead represent 4 buildings where you can have contact with Non-Players Characters run by the game mechanics.

You can choose to lay the tiles out in any way you desire. In this case we’ve set it up to represent a waterfront.

Laying out the tiles provides you with Streets (dark gray area), Intersections (the spot where the tiles come together), Buildings (building pictures), and Alleys (the light gray area between the four buildings). If desired, when you enter the Alley, roll 1d6. On a score of “1” you’ve run into a dead end!

To track where you are on the tile be sure to place your figure, coin, counter or whatever you want to use on the spot.

Watch for Part Two - A Step by step How To.