Thursday 31 December 2015

Minis with All Things Zombie - Reloaded - the Board Game

Had a fellow ask about using minis with the ATZ Reloaded board game maps. Here are some pics and rule tweaks that I recommend.

 15mm figures. Instead of stacking figures I count all of them in contact, like a chain.
 When entering a building I stack them in same hex, Survivors still fit. Zeds are placed in contact. If they could reach the hex the target occupies they melee. Their actual placement isn't important as zeds and humans won't end their turn in the same hex.

 Zeds activate and all those that can reach the human will enter melee. This still is limited to 4, the number that can stack in the game
 Melee. Remember that after melee there is one winner so they will not have to share the hex.

Same situation. Zeds activate but this time...

One zed can't reach the target hex so is not involved in the melee.
25mm minis from THW.

Win or Go Home Game Piece Samples

Here are some pics of the upcoming Win or Go Home game.   As the Pack goes around the track and the cars stay grouped together, you can use cars in any scale, 1/64th, etc. The cars are resin and the board, cards, etc. are just mock ups.

Watch for the Win or Go Home Kickstarter sometime next month.

Wednesday 30 December 2015

Swordplay 2015 - Now Available and for Free!

 Not a "lite" version or sample, but a complete set of rules. Try THW without buying!

Update your current Swordplay or start a new period. Swordplay 2015 allows you to play small games with, well, swords and other pre-gunpowder weapons. Includes some fantasy and historical army lists as well. 

Did we mention that it's free? 

Swordplay 2015

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Friday 18 December 2015

Rally Round the King Historicals - now FREE!

We're so confident that RRtK is a great set of historical rules that we're now offering the lists for free. In fact, if you bought the lists in the last year, send mean email and I'll give you full credit on an other title of your choice.

Part 10 - Back into Space Combat!

Part 9
"Billy! They're moving!" Sooze yelled.

"I'm here, " Billy replied as he slid into the pilot seat. " Battle stations everyone and be sure you know where the escape pods are at!"

"Good to go Billy", Fast Eddie said.

"Guns ready boss," said the Hishen.

The Slaver and the LA Woman flew towards each other. The Hishen moved at battle speed, significantly faster than the LA Woman who had taken heavy Thruster damage.  
The battle begins with both ships on the Dogfight Table. As this is a continuation of a previous fight, any lost Bonus Dice remain lost.

"That was close Billy, "Ashlynn said. She had watched the whole fight - a matter of minutes - from the Bridge.

"Yep, maybe too close," he replied. "Sooze, plot us a course to the nearest Class 2 Planet. We need to get the engines fixed ASAP."

Thursday 17 December 2015

Part 9 - Boarding Actions in 5150 Fringe Space

Part 8

"We got contact in section 3 Billy!" Sooze yelled.

"Samoln, stay here with Sooze," Billy said" Sooze, you're flying and keep me posted if that Slaver changes course."

"My boss is secure in his quarters," said the Xeog as Billy and Fast Eddie moved down the hall. "I'm going with you."

"Me too!'

Billy turned around and looked at Ashlynn. "I can't have you getting in the way and..."

"Shut your face, Pink." Ashlynn replied matter of factually. She drew her BAP and continued on. "Like it or not, I'm in."

As the group entered Section 3 the Hishen came into sight with a Grath front and center. 

"S&#t," Billy thought. He took aim...


Wednesday 16 December 2015

Fringe Space AAR Part 8 - Space Combat - Hishen Slaver!

Part 7

Billy Pink and his crew have come into contact with a Hishen Slaver. The Hishen have demanded that the LA Woman surrender and prepare for an "inspection". Billy has other plans and the fight is on!


Billy and the Hishen receive 1d6 per each point of Rep. Billy will always roll at least 5d6, the Hishen 4d6.
In addition each receives twice that number in Bonus Dice. These track burning up fuel. Roll them like the Rep Dice, trying to score a success - score of 1, 2, or 3. Roll a 6 and you lose the Bonus d6 for the remainder of the fight.

You can gain additional d6 and successes based on Attributes, Race, and Circumstances. Having a greater Thrust gives you +1d6 on the Dogfight Table. Get down to "0" Thrust and you can be boarded. This is a major concern as the LA Woman's Thrust has been reduced to 1 from the damage it took earlier.

 At the start of the turn a Chance Card is drawn by a player. This represents an unforeseen occurrence that could affect the fight. Billy draws first and scores Debris - Lose 1 success due to having to avoid space debris. 

Dice are rolled and the Hishen wins - scoring 2 more successes than Billy. This gives him a +2d6 Bonus on the Taking Control Table.

The Hishen wins again and by 3d6! Targeting the engines of the LA Woman, he fires and scores 2 hits. This brings its Thrust down to 0 with the excess damage being loss.

The next three turns consist of Billy going Purely Defensive on the Dogfight Table. If he loses, the Hishen can board. Billy continues to fly for three additional turns, both he and Hishen losing Bonus Dice. Billy's plan is to have the Hishen burn up its Bonus Dice then switch to the attack as he will have more Rep d6. But it didn't work out that way.

Unfortunately the Hishen wins on the Dogfight Table and can now board the LA Woman.

As the Hishen crew prepare to board, Billy organizes its defense.

Watch for Part 9 - Boarding Action!

Saturday 12 December 2015

5150 Fringe Space AAR Part 7 - Space Combat!

Part 6
Space combat?! Yep, space combat rules are included in 5150 Fringe Space. In fact we've included ship and character paper counters for your use.

 Now back to the Story.

Movement in Fringe Space can be on planets or in space. Each Ring (there's 9) is divided into 6 Sectors. You can move through as many Sectors per turn as desired. So this turn Billy will be moving from Sector 4 to Sector 1 - where the Jump Point is.
Next month he can move from one Jump Point to any of the other 8 Jump Points. Once you finish your movement, in this case Sector 1 where the Jump Point is located you roll to resolve PEFs - just like when you're in a Settlement on a planet. 
 The first PEF is resolved as nothing, but the 2nd is Contact. Rolling 1d6 gives me 2 ships. One more roll gives me Pirates. 
 Movement in space combat is simple. Start with the ships facing each other. You can use the counters we've provided or any models you already have!

 Doing a quick Ship to Ship Talk the Talk and ...

 Combat is carried out by starting on the Dogfight Table and rolling d6 based on Captain Rep, Circumstances, Attributes, Profession and Race. Toss in the Chance Cards and roll dice, looking for successes.

Winner goes with one loser to the Taking Control Table. Other losers are temporarily out of the combat having passed by the winner. They will return when the ships return to the Dogfight Table.
 Place the winner from the Dogfight Table to the side or rear of the loser, signifying it is lining up a shot. Roll dice on the Taking Control Table - similar process. If the ship wins again, it fires on the Firepower Table.
Boom! Three hits on the Hull and the Pirate ship explodes. The 2nd Pirate takes a Continue On Test and does.

Back to the Dogfight Table. The Pirates draw the Asteroid Chance Card - costing Billy a success due to avoiding an asteroid. The Pirate chooses to fire at the LA Woman's Engines and scores 2 hits. If the Thrust (Engines) of the ship is reduced to 0, it can be boarded.

Back to Dogfight Table and Billy wins and delivers damage to the Pirate's ship...
 Who fails the Continue On Test and bugs out.
The LA Woman took 2 Thrust hits - reducing it to only 1. This is problematical.  Thrust can only be repaired  at a Space Port on a planet. The ship still has power to move from Sector to Sector, but can be boarded by any ship if they lose on the Dogfight Table. 
I've always had problems with spaceship games where it takes a long time to recreate something that would be resolved in a few minutes. As you can see movement is abstracted. Once you eliminate the need to plot movement, measure movement, check for firing arcs, space ship combat games can play fast. The actual fight took about 15 minutes.
Now it becomes more about when and how many Bonus Dice to allocate. By simplifying the mechanics and focusing on the end result, the Story can continue. Also there's no waiting around while your opponent moves.

Still one more PEF to resolve and dice are rolled.
Uh oh. 
 "Billy! Hishen Slaver coming into fast."

It doesn't seem to be Billy's day.  Part 8.