Thursday 31 December 2015

Minis with All Things Zombie - Reloaded - the Board Game

Had a fellow ask about using minis with the ATZ Reloaded board game maps. Here are some pics and rule tweaks that I recommend.

 15mm figures. Instead of stacking figures I count all of them in contact, like a chain.
 When entering a building I stack them in same hex, Survivors still fit. Zeds are placed in contact. If they could reach the hex the target occupies they melee. Their actual placement isn't important as zeds and humans won't end their turn in the same hex.

 Zeds activate and all those that can reach the human will enter melee. This still is limited to 4, the number that can stack in the game
 Melee. Remember that after melee there is one winner so they will not have to share the hex.

Same situation. Zeds activate but this time...

One zed can't reach the target hex so is not involved in the melee.
25mm minis from THW.


  1. That looks really good. I thought that 15mm scale figures would be an ideal choice if any player(s) wanted to use figures in their game, but your 25mm scale figures work perfectly. Good work, Ed!

    1. I have werewolves, vampires, etc. in 25mm so may look to an expansion.

  2. I'm excited by the idea of using my 15mm figures with the maps and cards. Two questions. Does its campaign have the equivalent of the excellent "Day One" scenario of FFO? And do the rules allow for vehicles?

    1. Rules do not allow for vehicles like the minis do - but vehicles are under utilized anyway in most games.

      Day One is not included but available for free as a PDF if you want one. Just let me know.

    2. Thanks Ed. I'll just port the rules in from FFO. This sounds like great fun.