Saturday 2 January 2016

5150 Fringe Space - Part 11 - Chillin' on Nowhere

Part 10

 The LA Woman is down to zero Thrust. This makes her an easy target if she runs into enemies while in space. Lose once on the Dogfight Table during Space Combat and she can be easily boarded. Just as bad, if not worse,  with zero Thrust she'll be easy prey in combat. With that in mind Billy decides to set down on Ayn 7.

 Here's what happened game wise. In 5150 Fringe Space you can choose to look for Job Offers. These can be Hauling Passengers or Cargo through space, Raiding enemies or Rescuing someone. But there's also another way to get a job.

Do a Chillin' Encounter and try to find work. This is what Billy and Eddie are doing. I resolve PEFs and when I contact an NPC I take a Challenge. If successful I have learned of a job that is available.

I then take a Talk the Talk with the NPC. If I win I get the job offer, if I lose I don't.

Billy won and got the job. What is it? That's the cool part. I can choose the job and I decide that I want to be the muscle when a Deal goes down.

A Deal is used when you, or in this case an NPC, want to buy or sell Contraband items. So that's the job. Billy and Eddie will provide muscle for a Deal, just in case things go south.

But what about the Alien? Watch for Part 12.


  1. Hey, the singer on stage took my song request! LOL. Fringe Space is definitely an insta-buy for me.

  2. Hey, that place is classy! They have a singer who can do Classic Terran Rock by Palmer. :)