Friday, 8 January 2016

WIP: Across the Green River

Working on a fairly generic campaign system. Specifically for Sword Play and Chain Reaction, available free from Two Hour Wargames, yet easily adaptable to other rule sets.

The player control a battle, battalion, or platoon, tasked with border defense. Their base is a keep/camp/firebase on the Green River.

Each season the goblins, guerrillas, nomads of your choice come down from the mountains to raid the settlements.

Every spring the goblins come down from the mountains.
This season is starting out with only two raiding parties in the field.
Standards represent the approximate location of their camps.

Each season population pressure leads to even more settlers striking out to start a new life on the far side of the river.

Every spring settlers queue up for the chance
of a better life on the frontier.Settlers facing the camera have already
claimed their land. Settlers facing away from the camera are trekking.
Halbardiers represent lances in the field.

Your job is to intercept the raiders, protect the settlers, and find and destroy the raider camps.

Sometimes the Government down south, with the benefit of their exalted enlightenment put limits on the actions and forces available to you.




  1. Looks interesting. Like a Raid defense, but turned into a campaign. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you. Yes. I wanted to add an element of resource management and deployment that shows the bigger picture without too much rules least that is the goal. :)