Wednesday 30 December 2015

Swordplay 2015 - Now Available and for Free!

 Not a "lite" version or sample, but a complete set of rules. Try THW without buying!

Update your current Swordplay or start a new period. Swordplay 2015 allows you to play small games with, well, swords and other pre-gunpowder weapons. Includes some fantasy and historical army lists as well. 

Did we mention that it's free? 

Swordplay 2015


  1. What's the difference between Swordplay and Swordplay 2015? What's changed?

    1. Big changes done to streamline mechanics.
      In Sight smoother.
      Reaction Tests streamlined.
      Damage taken versus target now instead of Impact.
      Melee different so there's no carry over into next turn.
      When resolve a PEF you can determine how many enemy at the same time.
      This is the major stuff.