Thursday 17 December 2015

Part 9 - Boarding Actions in 5150 Fringe Space

Part 8

"We got contact in section 3 Billy!" Sooze yelled.

"Samoln, stay here with Sooze," Billy said" Sooze, you're flying and keep me posted if that Slaver changes course."

"My boss is secure in his quarters," said the Xeog as Billy and Fast Eddie moved down the hall. "I'm going with you."

"Me too!'

Billy turned around and looked at Ashlynn. "I can't have you getting in the way and..."

"Shut your face, Pink." Ashlynn replied matter of factually. She drew her BAP and continued on. "Like it or not, I'm in."

As the group entered Section 3 the Hishen came into sight with a Grath front and center. 

"S&#t," Billy thought. He took aim...



  1. I can see a communication sent to the Hisen ship, "Please send more goons, the ones you sent us are broken." :)

    1. Luckily there's a cap on the number of figures involved in boarding actions - twice the number of Hull points. The challenge is when you defend you can't automatically move all your defenders into the section being attacked. Instead you roll 1d6 per figure versus Rep. Pass 1d6 and they can be used, but pass 0d6 and they are elsewhere on the ship and not involved.

  2. When Billy's side turned around, could they have gone ahead and fired with active fire, or did they have to wait for the Hishen to turn around and trigger In Sight? I do understand that Billy's side turning around wouldn't trigger In Sight due to not being in LOS of the Hishen.

    Can't wait for Fringe Space. This looks great!

  3. Oh, I just realized that the Hishen were actually ducked back, and Billy's side couldn't see them when they emerged from their own duck back. I took the turning around literally. When the Hishen "turned around", they were actually popping their heads back up to fire.

    1. Correct. I originally started play testing FS with terrain but the action happens so fast that it could take longer to set up the table than fight the action. The nice thing is now you can play multiple Encounters, all tied together, in one 2 hour sitting or less.