Friday 18 December 2015

Part 10 - Back into Space Combat!

Part 9
"Billy! They're moving!" Sooze yelled.

"I'm here, " Billy replied as he slid into the pilot seat. " Battle stations everyone and be sure you know where the escape pods are at!"

"Good to go Billy", Fast Eddie said.

"Guns ready boss," said the Hishen.

The Slaver and the LA Woman flew towards each other. The Hishen moved at battle speed, significantly faster than the LA Woman who had taken heavy Thruster damage.  
The battle begins with both ships on the Dogfight Table. As this is a continuation of a previous fight, any lost Bonus Dice remain lost.

"That was close Billy, "Ashlynn said. She had watched the whole fight - a matter of minutes - from the Bridge.

"Yep, maybe too close," he replied. "Sooze, plot us a course to the nearest Class 2 Planet. We need to get the engines fixed ASAP."

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