Monday, 19 May 2014

2nd Mission AAR - Chocolate and Cigarettes - NUTS Final Version

This time I would be using a Raid Mission from the Chocolate and Cigarettes section of NUTS Final Version. This is different from the Patrol, Attack and Defend Missions normally used, in the following ways:

  1. C&C Missions do not affect the Campaign Morale or Investment Levels of either side.
  2. They are made for 3 to 6 figures and are oddball personal adventures that aren't covered by the larger actions. For example, the Raid is used when you want to find something or someone. In this case we were searching the building from our earlier Patrol for whatever we could find.
  3. They allow for using Items that are not accounted for in the larger battles. Chocolate bards, Cigarettes, Wine, Bread, etc. that can be traded, used and spent when on R&R in towns. These Missions further the story and provide variety. 
  4. C&C Missions must be alternated with the Patrol, Attack and Defend Missions and you cannot play two of the same type until all of them have been played. There are three...Raid, Escort and Questioning.
Like I said earlier, this one was a Raid.

Okay, this is extremely bad luck on my part. The only way for this to occur would be a roll of doubles "ones" or "twos" for Activation, followed by a score of 5 or 6 on 1d6. No time to brood about things as the unit was getting ready to do its next Mission, Attack.


  1. This is great Ed; I missed your earlier posts regarding this release - looking forward to the update.

  2. Great! A Nuts AAR in Black and White makes it nice to read. Tempting rules...