Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Beautiful Game ...

Watch the blog for some input in the next week ... International Team stats and some more match reports. Planning on being at a few shows in England over the next month showing off the game ...

Also been working on (although our club RSBS campaign has slowed me down ) on a kids version of The Beautiful Game which has taken our school  by storm with an after hours league being planned ... simple game with lots of action and is bound to lead them to the real game.



  1. Will you be at Salute then? it's the 16th April and is by far the country's biggest show

  2. I'll be there of course ... tables had to be booked well in advance (read last year) for demos so I couldn't get a table unfortunately. There will be some hard copies for sale after I have finalised which 'mate' is going to let me highjack their stand.
    If there is enough interest I can always take one of the the smaller pitches, find a table in the 'seating area' and take people through a game :)