Friday 7 April 2023

5150 New Beginnings - Night on the Town - Part 1

I put together some new terrain, paper cardstock building fronts glued to 1" balsa wood blocks. Not 3D buildings as I'm playing 5150 New Beginnings and will be using some Battle Boards when the action takes place inside. 

Billy Pink, Fast Eddie, Sooze, and Bent - the Crew - are having a Chillin' Encounter in Lower Gaea. Kind of a sketchy neighborhood but it has good and bad possibilities. Maybe Billy can find a Job Offer. The Encounter starts outside on the street. Bent and Sooze, are in Jiffy Jake's picking up some last-minute essentials while Billy and Fast Eddie are waiting outside.

in 5150 New Beginnings you must resolve 1 PEF (Possible Enemy Force) before entering a building  Ashlyn Cooper

Part 2



Part Two soon to follow.

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