Saturday 23 June 2012

Where Is Ashlynn Cooper? A New Beginnings AAR

As some of you may know Ashlynn Cooper, the journalist for the Eternal Free Press, is a recurring character in the 5150 Universe. Here are some of her stories.

The Media Returns - Part One

The Media Returns - Part Two

Shots Fired!

Tannhauser Hoax

After the Tannhauser Hoax Ashlynn "disappeared" except for a brief story here...

Hishen Victory!

This story picks up where the Tannhauser Hoax left off. It's also a complete 5150: New Beginnings scenario.

Where is Ashlynn Cooper?


  1. Wow! What a great writeup!

    Thanks for the scenario... that really helped to illustrate exactly the kinds of questions I had (or, more succinctly, didn't realize I had.)

  2. Great to see Billy Pink successful! Hopefully his good run of good luck will!

    Enjoyed it!