Friday, 29 June 2012

War! Hishen Crush Star Navy Invaders!

The Hishen Department of Truth reports that a Hishen led coalition of Hishen, Zhuh-Zhuhs, Xeog and Free Company Freedom Fighters turned back a Gaea Prime invasion in the Cestus V sector in the 4th Ring.
Gaea Prime has vehemently denied all allegations and claim that the Hishen were the aggressors and struck without provocation. As proof Gaea Prime spokesmen point to heavy casualties amongst the Cestus V Planetary Defense Force fleet. As the PDF are not equipped for deep space travel, Insta-Poll results show a GP Credibility Rating of 73%.
Reports are coming in daily that both sides are building up their forces in the sector.

Vid-Caps of the conflict provided by the Eternal Free Press.

 Coalition fleet prepare for battle.

PDF and Free Company fighters launch. Upward of 35 1st Rate ships and 50 squadrons of fighters were engaged.

Hishen and Zhuh-Zhuh fighters respond.

The Class 5 Zhuh-Zhuh Battleship, Caesar attacked by enemy fighters as Hishen and Zhuh-Zhuh fighters counter-attack.


  1. Why do I get the feeling like this will dovetail so very well with 5150 Star Army?

    Man, this is gonna rule.


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