Saturday, 23 June 2012

Space Pirates! 5150: Star Navy AAR

I prefer playing small skirmish games when it comes to sci-fi with 5150: New Beginnings being my favorite. Small groups of figures, more personal scale. But 5150: NB is set on New Hope City and sometimes I want a quick and easy space game that's more of a story driving vehicle than an actual wargame so I did this small action using 5150: Star Navy.
As Star Navy is fleet scale I knew that this wouldn't take very long and it didn't. About twenty minutes and a few turns including pictures and notes.


Perfect! From this quick game I can see at least five new stories.
What happened to the merchant ship that surrendered?
Where did the other two ships go?
Who exactly are these pirates?
What did the pirate mean when he asked if they were all paid up?
What do the pirates do with their stolen cargo?

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