Saturday, 30 June 2012

Warrior Heroes - Legends AAR

You find yourself in an Ale Hall somewhere in Mirholme, sitting at a corner table. The ale-maid is trying to catch your attention but tonight you’re focused on other things. You don’t usually talk with Elves but something about this one is different. Maybe it’s the urgency in her voice or the continuous supply of ale she’s been buying but you keep listening. When she’s finished she wants to know, will you take the job? Deal! She gives you coin to pay the tab and instructions where to meet here on the morrow. She thanks you and leaves. As she makes her way to the door you look for that ale-maid. That’s when you notice three hooded men get up from their table and hurry towards the door. Is it just a coincidence or something more?
And so your story begins…

Warrior Heroes - Legends

This is a quick little AAR based on the upcoming Warrior Heroes - Legends. I used a blurb from the rear cover to set the scene. WH-L is all about individuals characters and their small band of followers. It's a more detailed character driven game and in THW terms think Sword and Sorcery meets 5150: New Beginnings. Anyway, on with our story...
 After leaving the tavern the Elf was followed by two thugs.

 Make that three! The scene is set and Activation dice are rolled.

 "Private party or can anyone join?"

 Activating first our hero from the tavern, who was following, enters the alley and this triggers an In Sight. As the thugs have their back to him this puts them at a disadvantage. Rolling 1d6 per level of Rep for each figure gives hero 4, thug closest 3, and the thug closest to the Elf scored 0. Hero goes first...

Hero (Rep 5 Warrior Star) passes more on the Charge into Melee Test and attacks the closest thug (Rep 4 Soldier). Going to Melee hero starts with 5d6 for Rep and adds +1 for using One Hand Weapon, +1 for two weapons and +1 for Rage. Rolling 8d6 scores 5 successes. Thugs rolls 4+1+1 for 6d6 and scores 3 successes. Hero wins and scores a result of OD on the thug. Winning the melee allows him to continue rest of move and attacks second thug.
Wins Charge into Melee and the fight starts. Bam! Second verse same as the first! OOF thug.

 The hero wins the melee and with the remainder of his move steps in front of the Elf.

 The third thug now take a Man Down Test and passes 1d6. If no others carrying on, Duck Back.

The third thug ducks down the alley. 

That's it? That's the whole game? Yep. WH-L games will vary in length. Some will be quick story advancing games like this one some will be much longer, like dungeon adventuring. The plan is to provide scenarios that can be played with natural breaks to allow you to set it aside and get back to it when you can. This allows you to play as many hours as you like at each sitting.


  1. BTW - All figures are from Splintered Light Minis

  2. Enjoyed this read - and it showed you can squeeze even the quickest game into your schedule.

    Right - off to buy WH-L and break out those old dungeon sets I have on a cupboard. My daughter can put the playstation down and play this for a bit :)

  3. Damn - just realised its not out yet :(

    Oh well, patience is a virtue...

  4. Why oh why do you tempt me so? Seriously, can't wait to get my hands on this one! Any ETA?