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Clowns and Chainsaws

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Part Two –
Hearing the chainsaw getting closer was great motivation for Beth. Even from the ground she managed to scramble to her feet before Clown Boy could get to her. (She rolled very good and he very bad, resulting in her being able to move first). As Beth tried to catch her breath Clown Boy moved forward. “Isn’t that damn thing out of gas yet?” she thought to herself.
Gasoline in the Wasteland and especially in After the Horsemen is a rare and prized commodity. In RSBS each time you roll your attack with a chainsaw there’s chance that it can run out of gas. To do so you need to toss four “ones”. Not too common but it could happen as I can attest to in a previous fight. But that wasn’t the case so far.

Beth regains her feet and catches her breath.
Beth is tired but not as tired as Clown Boy. Swinging a chainsaw can be exhausting. Clown Boy gives the chainsaw some more gas and moves to the attack.
The attack goes in.

Beth gains the advantage on the Maneuver Table. 9 to 8.

And Beth wins on the attack table, 4 to 2. She slashes with her machete…
Beth recovered one Bonus Die when catching her breath and uses it in the combat while Stinky Breath has none. Beth scores one success more on the Maneuver so is the attacker but must go in head on with no advantage.  Rolling on the attack table she scores 4 successes to the Clown’s 2. This means she has scored a hit but had not scored any guaranteed damage. She must now roll for location. She’s been lucky so far having scored damage to her opponent’s belly and chest. Rolling 2d6 she scores another hit to the belly!
Slash! The machete cuts through the stomach of the Clown who with a look of disbelief falls to the ground. The crowd screams their approval, the winners cashing in their bets while the many losers curse their luck.
Down goes the Clown!
Getting a second hit on the belly or chest was a better than 50% chance but definitely not a sure thing. Both blows to the belly delivered two points of damage each time. Lucky for Beth and not so lucky for the Clown he only had 4 Strength points to begin with.

As the match ends the Clown Posse move towards their boss as do the Sisters of Death.
The crowd closes in on Beth some smiling and shouting congratulations while some do quite the opposite. The Clown Posse rushes to the Clown and tries to recover his body but the Sisters of Death are on it as well.  Tensions mount as the Posse argue and tug at the body.

Clean up time!
“Back off!” yells one of the Sergeant at Arms. Two other survivors go to his aid placing themselves between the body and the Posse. “Clown knew the risks and we all know the rules. Winner gets the spoils and the Sisters get the body.”
Not liking the odds of a fair fight the Posse nod and mumble then move away. Pinocchio, Clown’s right hand dwarf turns and stares at Beth as she leads the crowd back to the bar. “This ain’t over…” 
The Sergeant at Arms separates the Posse from the body while the Sisters of Death go to work.
Chainsaws add a real element of danger to the matches. Using a chainsaw means rolling 5d6 for damage and with a normal Strength of 4 there’s a 50/50 chance that any hit is going to make the target a bleeder or kill them outright.  Looking forward to more matches with Red Sand Brown Sky. It provides a nice change of pace from the regular Encounters and I can see one coming up pretty soon with the Posse and Beth.

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