Thursday 27 April 2023

More Detail in your WHAT Games? Get CRUNCHY!

CRUNCHY launches next Monday!


So, you play Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir but want a little more detail in your games? Then you want CRUNCHY!

CRUNCHY is an optional add on for playing WHAT. It adds a bit more of flavor by introducing some detailed game mechanics.

We’ve subbed out more detailed yet smooth Melee, Shooting, and Interaction game mechanics. That and some new stuff. Knightly Endeavors, Random Events, Combat Perks, and some Legendary Characters you can play as, Recruit or Fight. You choose!
Did we mention the interlinked Encounters you can have while you’re in town?

CRUNCHY; taking your WHAT games to a higher level.


You can use all, some, or none of the options as it is your game, but you need a copy of WHAT to be able to play. 

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